Mark V Model 500 Extension Table Upgrade

7-1/2" Wide Model 500 Extension Table is
Nearly Double the Width of Original Tables !

Extension Table Upgrade For Model 500 Mark V's Made Before 1990

Increased Width For Added Support and Additional Rip Adjustment

7-1/2" wide Model 500 extension table is nearly double the width of original tables. Increases table size from 4-1/4" wide to 7-1/2" wide, providing added support for many operations and up to 4-3/4" of on-table rip fence adjustment. Offset mounting extends ripping capacity even further.

Order as a complete table with down tubes - or save and order as a top-only version that can be mounted to your existing Model 500 down tubes.

Note: For Model 500 Mark V's made before 1990, not compatible with Shopsmith ER or M2 models.

These Items Made on Demand, Shipping and Availability May Vary.

555084 Model 500 Extension Table Upgrade ...   $142.88

555085 Model 500 Extension Table - Top Only ...   $87.52

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