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Toy Train Cabinet Project

Why Woodworking is the Unselfish Hobby

Girl on Rocking Horse Do you own a treasured family heirloom made by your grandfather or great grandfather? Have you and your spouse discussed how you'd like to have a place in the back yard to relax and enjoy more "down-time" from the stresses of life?

Does an approaching holiday or birthday have you seeking a memorable gift for the kids or grandkids that's rugged enough to survive them... won't need batteries, a TV or a computer... and might even have a chance of being passed on to be enjoyed by future generations?

Most woodworkers were introduced to their hobby through thoughts just like these

They remembered the family heirloom made by their granddad and still fondly recall the smell and feel of freshly cut wood from their high school shop class days.

Like them, you've probably looked for ways to improve the livability of your yard or home... or thought about how much you'd enjoy watching the kids play with toys you made for them with your own hands. Perhaps you've even imagined the little ones watching you work in the shop, learning all about patience, responsibility and the pride of craftsmanship that makes woodworking such a "joy".

Surely, you've had some of these same thoughts. Perhaps you've even thought about how you might get into woodworking... then decided that you didn't have the skills and/or the space for it.

With Shopsmith, space is not a problem... plus, we pledge to help you build your skills by giving you the "how-to" and educational support you need to do it right !

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