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Shopsmith Mark 7 and Mark V -- 16-1/2" Drill Press

Shared Features

give you a loaded drill press with capabilities that even the most costly floor models can't match

Powerful Motor

Unique, technologically advanced DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) motor produces 1-3/4 hp at 120 volts or 2 hp at 240 volts - more power than any readily available drill press costing under $1,300 - & plenty of grunt for virtually any drilling operation you may need !

Electronic Variable Speed

eliminates belt changing & gear shifting to help you select the right speed for drilling any size hole in virtually any type of material without burning your stock or dulling your bits.

Giant 17" x 22" Worktable

far surpasses that of any other drill press available today. Twin miter gauge slots & versatile rip fence help you control workpieces with improved precision & repeatability. Floating extension tables make handling even the most cumbersome boards a snap.

Rack & Pinion In / Out Worktable Adjustment

Unlike other drill presses, the Shopsmith table can be moved towards or away from the support columns with a convenient crank handle, then locked into any position.

Twin Support Columns

...mean that the Headstock won't rotate, so your bit will always be positioned at the same location on the worktable surface.

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16-1/2 inch Drill Press

Thanks again to the Shared Features concept, the Shopsmith drill press combines extended work holding capacity, easy speed changes and superior versatility to provide an exceptional drill press, designed specifically for woodworkers.

Loads of Muscle and the Industry's Broadest Speed Range... Start with a motor that delivers up to two horsepower and an amazing amount of torque... Loads of Muscle and Broadest Speed Range at an infinitely variable speed range of 250 to 10,000 rpm. And, you can change speeds (in 1 rpm increments!) by merely pushing a couple of keypads. No need to turn off the machine or go through changing one or more belts to achieve the right speed for the job.

Drill wood, plastic and metals without burning or dulling your bits... If you want a drill press that will run slow enough to avoid burning your workpieces or large diameter bits... you're either going to have to Use the table and fence as a v-block spend some big bucks... or... give up a large amount of workshop floor space... settle for a small worktable, limited throat depth and not much spindle travel... and / or not have enough chuck-to-tabletop capacity to tackle big jobs! If you have a Shopsmith, however, you won't have to settle for any of these limitations !

The Only Drill Press with Twin, Non-twisting Support Columns... Where other drill presses have single columns, the Shopsmith power plant and table are supported by two large diameter columns... so, as they move independently along the full length of the columns, both remain in perfect alignment with one another, without twisting.

Plenty of Capacity for Your Biggest jobs... Drill to the center of a piece of stock up to 16-1/2" wide. Enjoy 25" of chuck-to-worktable surface distance and 58" of chuck-to-floor distance. Get a full 4-1/4" of up-down spindle travel controlled by a convenient, graduated hole depth indicator and easy-to-set adjustable stop.

An Immense, Versatile Worktable... Support your workpiece on the largest (17-1/2" x 22"), most versatile drill press table you're likely to find... anywhere... at any price ! You can even add standard extension tables and support legs that make it positively gigantic !

Tilt this table from 0 to 90° and lock it firmly in position at both sides with a quick flip of a single lever. Use the machine's rip fence as a positioning jig and rotate the rack-and-pinion table height wheel to move the table in and out, creating a set-up for drilling a row of shelf pin holes... all equally spaced from the workpiece edge.

Tilt the table again to form a V-Block set-up for drilling cylindrical objects or creating screw pockets -- a time-honored woodworkers' secret for joining tops to table aprons or connecting cabinet rails and stiles.

But that's not all... And, when you need more specialized capabilities, your Shopsmith drill press (with optional accessories) is also ready for: • Plug-cutting • Countersinking • Stationary or oscillating Drum Sanding • Hollow Chisel Mortising • Slot Mortising • Biscuit Joining and more.

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