Shopsmith Table System Feature Comparison

A Feature-By-Feature Comparison of the Two Table Systems Available for Shopsmith's Multi-Purpose Machines

Shopsmith Mark 7 with PowerPro Headstock
Mark 7 PowerPro

Shopsmith Mark V Pro Fence Model 520
Mark V Model 520

Shopsmith Mark V Model 510
Mark V Model 510

Features Mark 7 & Model 520 Mark V Model 510
Main Worktable 17-1/2" w X 22" d - two miter gauge t-slots that accept t-nut-mounted fixtures
Extension Tables One 22" X 7-3/8" rigid-mount extension table - plus -- two 22" X 7-3/8" floating tables
Maximum Support Surface Size End-to-end with one rigid-mount extension table - 62" w X 22" d
End-to-end with one Rigid and one floating extension table - 102" w X 22" d
Maximum Ripping Capacity 98"
Telescoping Support Legs Two twist-lock support legs with pivoting connectors & rubber feet
Extension Table Connector Tubes Four 27" long tubes included
Worktable & Extension Table Rails Rigid extruded aluminum with quick-locking knobs Tubular steel with locking thumbwheels
Table Tilt Mechanism & Carriage Dual (front & rear) table tilt locks with quarter-turn carriage lock & table raising wheel
Rip Fence 24-1/2" long x 2-1/2" high x 2-1/2" thick,
Two quick-acting locking levers, Two top
t-slots & one t-slot on each fence face
24-1/2" long X 2-1/2" high X 1-3/8" thick,
One locking handle & one quick-acting
lever, One top t-slot
Direct-Reading Rip Fence Scales Yes No
Miter Gauge Bar with T-Slot Washers Yes
Disc Sanding Through Table Insert Yes
See-Thru Upper Saw Guard with Riving Knife Yes
Lower Saw Guard with Sanding Disc Dust Collection Yes
Lathe Tool Rest Dual position with anti-rotation rest post & lever-style adjustment handles

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