The Shopsmith Shared Feature Benefit

The Shopsmith Shared Feature Benefit

Chances are, at some point in your life, you've heard the old adage that goes something like this...

"Any product that claims to do practically everything can't possibly do anything well !"

Well... in the next few minutes, we're going to show you why, with the Shopsmith Multi-Purpose Woodworking Machine, this statement simply is not true. In fact, it's Shopsmith's very multi-purpose capability that actually allows this amazing machine (with you at the helm) to do virtually everything that it does better than the freestanding single-purpose tools it replaces ! And that statement is 100% true !

The secret lies in the Shopsmith shared feature concept. In a nutshell, this means that the Shopsmith uses the same power supply (motor)... the same speed control... the same worktable... the same rip fence & miter gauge... the same controls... and the same base or stand... for every operation it performs. Let's take a quick look at how each of these points makes the Shopsmith better:

Unique Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) Motor 120 volt or 240 volt just by switching the plug

The Power Supply -- The Shopsmith Mark 7 features a Digital Variable Reluctance motor that produces 1-3/4 hp at 120 volts and 2 hp at 240 volts (1). It can operate at either of these voltages by simply using the correct outlet plug for your desired voltage (machines come equipped with 120 volt plugs). To select 240 volt operation, simply purchase and install a 240 volt outlet plug. The motor will sense this change the first time you plug it in and automatically switch the internal electronics to 240 volt operation mode.

This motor is controlled by an electronic power supply that continuously monitors its operation to deliver a constant amount of torque across the full speed range to power whatever machine operation you may be performing at any given time. As a result, you will enjoy up to 2 hp of muscle for your table saw, lathe, disc sander, drill press, horizontal boring machine, over-table router or under-table shaper. As you probably realize, this is significantly more power than you would find in most of the comparable single-purpose machines.

Variable Speed Operation -- With the Shopsmith Mark 7, you'll enjoy variable speed operation with ALL seven basic machines (including our table saw, disc sander, boring machine and shaper that are typically single-speed machines) and our Variable Speed from 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm in 1 rpm increments add-on Special Purpose Tools (bandsaw, scrollsaw, planer, jointer, strip sander, belt sander, etc.). PLUS - you'll be able to select the exact speed you need for every operation (from 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm - in 1 rpm increments) (2), at the press of a few keypads. And, if you don't know the right speed for an operation, a built-in digital database will select the correct speed for you, no matter which operation you're using. As a result, the Mark 7 will help you avoid burning your workpieces or ruining your bits / cutters by running too fast... and help you achieve smoother cuts when routing or shaping by running at an ideal, fast speed.

Forward or Reverse Operation -- The Shopsmith Mark 7 will operate in either forward or reverse direction. This gives you some very unique capabilities when... Disc Sanding: Unload the sawdust from the Disc... or... sand workpieces that are supported on either the infeed or outfeed edge of the worktable. Lathe: Allows you to reverse the direction of rotation to sand away the fuzzies on turned spindles or faceplate turnings. Drill Press: Unload the sawdust from sanding drum sleeves. Router & Shaper: Rout or Shape from above or below the worktable surface... or... invert your shaper cutter so you can feed your stock left-to-right or right-to-left.

Large 17 x 22 Table Rip Fence Miter Gauge with safety grip to hold your workpiece

Large 17" x 22" Worktable -- The Mark 7 gives you a big, generous-sized worktable with twin miter gauge slots - plus a large, versatile rip fence and fully adjustable miter gauge that you can use with virtually all machine set-ups. Use the miter gauge to hold your workpiece when disc sanding angled miter joints - and the rip fence to create a V-Block for drilling round stock... or as a back-up to drill a line of perfectly positioned holes for shelf supports, screws, etc.

Your Mark 7 comes with one fixed extension table and two floating extension tables that let you create a table sawing work surface that's 102" wide and gives you an amazing 98" of ripping capacity. Use the floating extension tables and telescopic legs to provide up to 40" of table width for supporting long workpieces during drilling, routing or shaping operations.

You'll never find a main worktable this big on any other disc sander or drill press... Plus, disc sander tables typically don't tilt... and no drill press or disc sander table offers precision rack-and-pinion in / out adjustments like the Mark 7's.

Handwheel Quill Feed

A single set of controls to learn -- With the Shopsmith, you'll only need to learn how to work with one set of controls instead of a different set for each of the seven tools. For example, besides raising and lowering the worktable vertically when your Shopsmith is in table sawing, disc sanding or horizontal boring mode, the handwheel on the table carriage also moves the table toward and away from the twin way tubes when the machine is in drill press, routing or shaping mode. In addition, the quill feed handle (with its accompanying depth indicator) is used for a number of purposes, including moving the quill up-and-down when in drilling, drum sanding, routing, shaping, biscuit joining, or hollow chisel mortising modes - and moving the quill horizontally to: 1): micro-adjust the position of a sawblade, dado blade or molding cutter 2): move the sanding disc into and away from a workpiece 3): perform horizontal boring operations 4): install a spindle between lathe centers.

Extendable spindle (quill) with a full 4-1/4" of travel -- and its adjustable depth stop do much more than merely allow you to control the up / down movement (and depth) of a drill bit during drilling operations... it also lets you make micro-adjustments to your saw blade when ripping or dadoing - your bits & cutters when Extendable Quill with 4-1/4 inches of travel routing or shaping - your drive center and faceplate position when turning on the lathe - your drill bit when horizontal boring - move your sanding disc into cumbersome workpieces rather than vice-versa - or for vertical or horizontal drilling, shaping, routing and other operations. No other table saw or disc sander offers this feature !

(1) Mark V model machines use a 120 Volt Motor that develops up to 1-1/8 hp
(2) Mark V model machines operate between 700 & 5200 rpm, selectable at the turn of the machine's rotating speed dial.

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