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Shopsmith MARK 7 and Mark V Multipurpose Tools

Shopsmith Multipurpose Tools

The Tool You Start With -- The System You Grow With

Shopsmith MARK 7

An Introduction To Multi-Purpose Tool Woodworking An American Classic since 1953

The predecessor of today's revolutionary Shopsmith MARK 7 (the legendary 5-tools-in-1 Shopsmith Mark V) was the world's original multi-purpose woodworking machine. Since its introduction in 1953, a series of important improvements have been made to the Mark V, including:

  • An upgrade from a 3/4 hp motor to a 1-1/8 hp motor, providing added power
  • An upgrade from a single bearing quill to a 2-bearing quill, reducing run-out & wobble
  • The introduction of new, larger table systems for added workpiece support & operator convenience
  • Larger, easier-to-operate rip fences with built-in accommodations for fixtures
  • A new removable safety switch
  • & ...and many other smaller improvements for added safety & working convenience

Over 600,000 Mark Vs have been sold world-wide since 1953... and today, most of them are still serving their owners, just as they did when they were new.

Today's MARK 7 represents the Ultimate Shopsmith Upgrade, supported by the amazing new PowerPro Headstock and including two more of the most needed woodworking tools in a single, compact package

With Shopsmith's latest MARK 7 machine, you get a 10" Table Saw - 34" Lathe - 12" Disc Sander - 16-1/2" Vertical Drill Press - Over/Under-Table Router - Over/Under Table Shaper and Horizontal Boring Machine in an amazingly small two-foot by six-foot space. Just tuck it snugly away in a corner of the garage or basement until it's needed then pull it out to go to work.

And, if you don't need the added advantages provided by the PowerPro Headstock... or the included capabilities of an over/under table shaper and router, we still offer two tried-and-true Mark V versions that include all five of the other tool capabilities listed above.

Easy to use - switches from tool-to-tool in 90 seconds or less

And remember too that you don't have to be an experienced woodworker to produce top-notch results with ANY version of the Shopsmith Multi-Purpose Woodworking System. Thanks to their multi-purpose design, you need only learn a single set of controls to operate all the basic functions of the Mark V or MARK 7... and switching from tool-to-tool is practically instantaneous.

*NOTE: In addition to the new MARK 7 version of Shopsmith's Multipurpose Machine, we also offer two versions of the original Mark V machine with a conventional 1-1/8 hp AC Motor and a mechanical speed changing mechanism. These Mark V machines come equipped to perform all of the operations of a MARK 7 Machine, with the exception of under-table shaping and routing (over-table shaping and routing can be performed with Mark V Machines using optional accessories).

Click here to visit comparison tables that identify the differences in specifications and table configurations for the various models of Shopsmith Multipurpose Machines.

10-Inch Table Saw

10" Table Saw

12-Inch Disc Sander

12" Disc Sander

34-Inch Lathe

34" Lathe

Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Boring

16-1/2-Inch Drill Press

16-1/2" Drill Press

Under Table Shaper


Stationary Router


The Shopsmith Choice -- MARK 7 or Mark V ?

Shopsmith MARK 7 -- Delivers 7 Tool Functions • Table Saw • Lathe • Disc Sander • Drill Press • Router • Shaper • Horizontal Boring Machine


  • Digital Variable Reluctance Motor
  • 1-3/4 hp at 120V and 2 hp at 240V
  • Electronic Key Pad Speed Control
  • 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm

Shopsmith Mark V -- Delivers 5 Tool Functions • Table Saw • Lathe • Disc Sander • Drill Press • Horizontal Boring Machine


  • Conventional AC Motor
  • 1-1/8 hp at 120V
  • Mechanical Speed Control Dial
  • 700 rpm to 5,200 rpm

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