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Eight Reasons People Choose the Shopsmith Woodworking System

Eight Reasons Why Over a Million Folks Like You Have Chosen The Shopsmith Woodworking System - Page 2

Reason #4 - The Precision you Need to Achieve Professional-Looking Results

Shopsmith products are accurate, rock-solid pieces of machinery. We inspect to extremely close tolerances on table flatness; the fit between the miter gauge and the slot it runs in; the precision of our miter gauges and table tilt protractors; spindle wobble and runout; rip fence straightness, and more... all to ensure that you get the accuracy you expect !

Reason #5 - With Shopsmith, The Machine Is The Expert - Helping you Build Better Projects in Less Time and with Fewer Mistakes

One set of controls operates all machines... so, they'll become second nature to you in no time at all.

Plus... you can share features and set-ups from operation-to-operation - saving your time and minimizing the chance for errors.

Reason #6 - A System that Grows with your Skills and Requirements

No other tool system we know of can match the versatility of the Shopsmith Woodworking System. With a full complement of seven major add-on tools and nearly 400 other accessories to simplify virtually every imaginable woodworking operation, it's easy to see why we call it The Tool To Start With - The System You Grow With !

Reason #7 - The Quality you Look for in All of your Important Investments

Shopsmith Gold Medal Buyer Protection Plan

That's right. You should look at Shopsmith as an investment in the quality of your life. They have been hand-assembled and carefully inspected for you right here in the good old U.S.A. with painstaking care and unrivaled attention to detail.

And they're backed by a world-class, toll-free Customer Services Department that's only a phone call away - plus the comprehensive Gold Medal Buyer Protection Plan.

Reason #8 - The Support you Require in your Quest for Success

Shopsmith - Your Lifetime Woodworking Partner

At Shopsmith, we don't believe in selling you a tool and then bidding you a fond farewell. We want to be your Partner... helping you achieve your woodworking goals by providing a wealth of informative educational materials through our extensive internet website that's jam-packed with products, tips, techniques and project plans to help you become a better woodworker.

We also offer easy, toll-free access to service and technical support from the comfort and convenience of your home shop phone.

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