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Shopsmith Mark 7 and Mark V Shared Features

Only the Shopsmith Multipurpose Machines let you share features from operation-to-operation... making every job easier and improving your results

Shared Features

Unlike individual stationary power tools, The Shopsmith uses the same components (Motor, Speed Control, Worktable, Extension Tables, Rip Fence, Miter Gauge, etc.) for practically every operation. As a result, you'll enjoy a host of powerful work-saving features and benefits that just aren't available on individual stationary tool counterparts. Here are just a few examples:

The Table Saw Rip Fence serves Multiple Tools
Over Table Routing to Under Table Shaping - 2 minutes 3 seconds The saw table rip fence make a perfect V-block for drilling cylindrical objects.

  1. A single set of controls to learn - With the Shopsmith, you'll only need to learn how to work with one set of controls instead of a different set for each of the seven tools. That means you'll learn how to produce better results with your Mark 7 - and do it with far less practice than you would with the seven individual tools.
  2. A giant, full-tilting 17-1/2" x 22" Worktable that can be expanded significantly with extension tables. The main table offers dual miter gauge slots, a super-versatile rip fence and optional interchangeable table inserts for drum sanding, routing, shaping, molding, dadoing, etc. You'll never see a worktable this large... with this much versatility... on another drill press or disc sander.
  3. Infinitely variable speeds between 250 & 10,000 RPM* at the press of a few keypads. No bothersome guards to remove, levers Variable speed from 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm to flip or belts to change. Make changes as finite as 1 rpm to match your machine speed perfectly to the operation you're performing; bit or cutter you're using; bit or cutter diameter and material you're working with. And, if you don't know the right speed, a built-in database table will tell you at the press of a few buttons!
  4. An extendable spindle (quill) with a full 4-1/4" of travel lets you make micro-adjustments to your saw blade when ripping or dadoing - move your sanding disc into cumbersome workpieces rather than vice-versa - or for vertical or horizontal drilling, shaping, routing and other operations. No other table saw or disc sander offers this feature!
  5. Powerful 1-3/4hp at 120v or 2hp at 240v DVR motor A single, 1-3/4 (at 120 volts) or 2 HP (at 240 volts) Motor** that delivers a constant amount of torque throughout its infinitely variable speed range to tackle your toughest woodworking tasks without having to pay for a separate, costly motor for each of the seven tools your Mark 7 replaces. Motors this powerful are typically only offered on commercial machines with big price tags!

* For Mark 7 Machines. Between 700 & 5200 RPM for Mark V Machines

** For Mark 7 Machines. 1-1/8HP at 120 volts for Mark V Machines

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