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Determining your Shopsmith Model Based on its Table System

The Importance of Knowing your Shopsmith Machine Model

There are five different Shopsmith Machine Models:

Four Mark V Models: Model 500 -- Model 505 -- Model 510 & Model 520 ...Plus... One Mark 7 Model.

Without knowing the correct model number of the Shopsmith machine you own, when you need accessories or service parts, you will not be able to order the correct items for your machine.

Proper model identification is, unfortunately, made more difficult by two factors:

FIRST, all five machines are very similar in appearance, and

SECOND, all machine models may be upgraded from any one model to any one of the other four models. As a result, the machine you own could have already been upgraded from an earlier model. For example, your machine may have been originally built in 1953, then upgraded to Mark 7 status in 2014.

A Look at the Differences

Except for the fact that the Mark 7 features a unique, electronically-controlled Digital Variable Reluctance motor that delivers more horsepower, a much broader speed range, increased torque and a unique digital control panel, the other obvious, stand-out differences lie in each model's table systems.

Photos - Click on the photos for larger views


Two Styles of Mark V Model 500 Fences

Mark V Model 500

The Model 500 Mark V Table System is 14-1/4" x 18-1/4" with a smooth table surface and a simple L-Shaped table rail for the rip fence to slide on. Early Model 500 Machine tables have two separate saw blade slots, while later model machines have a single saw blade slot.

There are two styles of Model 500 rip fences. The original version has a single locking knob, while the later model rip fences have two locking handles and a T-Slot on their top surfaces. The two versions are interchangeable on either style of table. The later fence is available as an upgrade to replace the earlier Mark V Model 500 fence.


Mark V Models 505 and 510

Mark V Model 505 and 510 Rip Fence Adds a top surface T-Slot

Models 505 and 510 Table Systems are both 17-1/2" x 22" with a ribbed table surface for less friction and tubular table rails for the rip fence to slide on. Both models feature two T-Slot miter gauge slots. Model 510 machines come with one fixed position extension table and two floating tables for up to 98" of maximum ripping capacity.

Both Model fences feature a single, locking wing-style knob and a locking lever, plus a single T-Slot in the top surface for mounting accessories and fixtures. However, Model 505 machines come without the two floating tables and offer 50" of maximum ripping capacity.

Mark 7 and Mark V Model 520

Larger, More Versatile Mark 7 and Mark V Model 520 Fence

Mark V Models 520 and Mark  7 Table Systems are also 17-1/2" x 22" with a ribbed table surface for less friction and extruded aluminum table rails for the rip fence to slide on.

Both model tables feature two T-Slot miter gauge slots and a professional-duty rip fence with two T-Slots in its top surface and another T-Slot in each of its faces for mounting fixtures and accessories.

Both model machines also include one fixed position extension table and two floating tables for up to 98" of maximum ripping capacity.

Note: Later model machines feature direct-reading rip fence scales that let you instantly set the width of rip cuts up to 38-1/2" wide. An upgrade kit is available to add Direct-Reading Rip Fence Scales to older version Model 520 machines.

An Important Note About Upgradability

Even if you're starting out with what you know to be a Model 500 Machine, you're not left out. When you determine that your projects are demanding a larger table or greater capacity, Shopsmith is ready to deliver the Table System Upgrades you need to help bring your machine all the way up to today's current standards:

Hopefully, we've help you to better understand which model Shopsmith machine you own. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-937-890-5197.

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