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Before Proceding, CLICK HERE to see a listing of Safety Rules that will help you avoid Personal Injury.

The Rip Cut (cutting workpieces to WIDTH) is another common table sawing operation.

To view a brief (few-seconds long) video clip of each step being performed click on this icon play video wherever you see it.

Step 1

Start by setting the width you wish to cut by installing and adjusting your Rip Fence to that distance -- measured between the side of the Sawblade tooth nearest the Fence and the Fence Face play video

Set Your Width Using the Fence

Set Your Width

Step 2

Install a Featherboard to hold your Workpiece firmly against the Rip Fence Face during the cut. play video

Install Featherboard To Hold Your Workpiece

Install Featherboard

Step 3

When making rip cuts that are 2" to 6" wide, always use a Push Stick for safety. When you're ready turn on your Shopsmith, adjust speed to “R” (3500 RPM) and push your stock through the cut.

Turn the speed down to “D” (1050 RPM) and turn off the Shopsmith. (not required w/ PowerPro Headstock) play video

Use Push Stick With 2-Inch to 6-Inch Wide Stock

Use a Push Stick

Afterward Set Speed To Slow

Afterward Set Speed To Slow

Step 4

When making a Rip Cut that is narrower than 2", it's best to use a Fence Straddler -- or a shop-made device of your own design to push your stock through the Cut.

For cuts that are 6" to 12" wide, use a Push Block to feed your stock past the Blade. play video

Use a Fence Straddler On Rip Cuts Narrower Than 2-Inches

Fence Straddler For Narrow Cuts

Use a Push Block on 6-Inch to 12-Inch Wide Stock

Push Block 6 to 12-Inch Cuts

See How Simple That Was!

Now that you've made the two most common Table Sawing cuts, you're ready to move on to the next Woodworking Operation -- using the Drill Press. Watch your Mailbox for the Drill Press email, Coming soon!


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