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Step 1

For the smoothest results, you'll create your dovetail slot by making three passes. 1: The first pass with a 3/8" straight router bit to a depth of 3/16" 2: The second pass with your 3/8" straight router bit to a depth of 3/8" and 3: The third pass with a 1/2" dovetail bit to the bottom of the #2 cut you made with your 3/8" straight router bit (or a depth of 3/8")

Made In 3 Passes

Step 2

Turn on your MARK 7 and set your speed between 9,500 RPM and 10,000 RPM (on Mark V models, set your speed to FAST or 5200 RPM). Hold the back edge of your stock securely against your fence, and use a 3/8" straight bit to make a 3/16" deep pass by moving your workpiece left-to-right AGAINST THE ROTATION OF THE BIT so the bit pushes the wood toward the fence and through your cut. Turn off your MARK 7, re-set your 3/8" straight bit for a 3/8" deep cut and make your second pass. play video

Make 2 Passes With Straight Bit

Make 2 Passes With Straight Bit

Step 3

Turn off your MARK 7 -- change to your 1/2" dovetail bit -- set your depth-of cut to 3/8" (to the bottom of the groove made by the second pass you just made with your 3/8" straight bit) -- and make your dovetail pass. play video

3rd Pass With Dovetail Bit

3rd Pass With Dovetail Bit

Bet You Never Thought Making Dovetail Cuts Could Be So Easy!

Now that you've created a sliding dovetail groove with your over-table router set-up, it's time to watch your email box for the next message, Under-Table Shaping. Coming soon!


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