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Safety Rules for the Router

Router Safety

Warning: Before using the router, read and understand these important safety instructions:

Danger Zone -- The danger zone on the MARK 7/MARK V when routing extends 3" all around the bit and chuck and 5" in front of the bit. Always keep your fingers and hands out of the danger zone.

When you work at the router, pay attention to where you put your hands. Be certain they aren't in front of the bit when you advance the quill. Never reach in toward or in front of the bit to clear away scraps. Turn off the machine and let it come to a complete stop first.

Guard for the Router - The circular shield and brush assembly must always be used for router operations. It mounts to the quill and is adjustable to accommodate various thickness of stock.

  • Wear proper eye and ear protection.
  • Tuck long hair under a hat or tie It up. Do not wear ties, gloves, jewelry or loose clothing. Roll sleeves up above your elbows. Wear non-slip footwear.
  • Always mount the circular shield and brush assembly on the quill before performing routing operations.
  • Always run the router at 'FAST' speed.
  • Avoid taking deep cuts. With the exception of single-pass dovetail cuts, limit depth of cut to 1/4" for each pass when using bits up to 1/2" diameter. When using bits over 1/2" diameter, limit depth of cut to 1/8".
  • Never freehand rout. Always use the rip fence or miter gauge when using bits without pilots, and a starter pin when using bits with pilots.
  • Always feed the workpiece against the rotation of the bit. Otherwise a kickback will occur.
  • Feed the workpiece slowly. Use extra care when routing stock that contains figured grain or knots, as these may cause kickbacks.
  • Use a push stick to feed a narrow workpiece. When it is necessary to push a workpiece underneath the shield, use a long piece of scrap wood.
  • Cut with the grain when straight-line routing.
  • Do not stand directly inline with the workpiece. In the event of a kickback you could be hit.
  • When routing across the grain of workpieces up to 10" wide, always use your miter gauge with safety grip to control the workpiece.
  • When stop routing, always use stop block(s) to control the length of cut. Failure to use stop block(s) will cause a kickback.
  • When routing an oversize workpiece, always use at least one push block to help control the workpiece. Hold the workpiece firmly against the rip fence.
  • When edge routing with a piloted bit, always use either a starter pin or a fence to start the cut and/or guide the workpiece.
  • Set speed to 'SLOW,' turn off and unplug the MARK 7/MARK V before mounting router bits.
  • Make sure the setscrew in the chuck is tightened against the flat of the main spindle and the bit is secured tightly in the chuck. Then remove the Allen wrench immediately.
  • Listen for chatter or signs of looseness at startup. If you hear, see or suspect problems, turn off and unplug the machine. Correct any problem before proceeding.
  • Keep the bits clean, maintained and sharp.

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