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You're Ready To Create Your First Project

Getting Ready To Make Your First Project


In the 10-part Getting Started With Your Shopsmith email series you recently completed, you were probably surprised when we showed you how easy it really is to work with the 7 different tool operations offered by the Shopsmith MARK 7.

You may be thinking that you've only made some very basic cuts. However, we used ONLY the same simple operations we showed you in the email series to build an amazing vintage steam locomotive that any child or grandchild will cherish for a lifetime. CLICK HERE to view a series of 7 brief video clips that will show you how we built our locomotive.

YOU CAN DO IT! Remember, even the most complex project is nothing more than a series of smaller, simple component projects. Always keep that in mind as you go step-by-simple-step through building your own projects, and enjoy every step along the way!

Need To Review What You've Learned?

If you'd like to re-visit any of these how-to presentations, just click on the appropriate title below and you'll be taken directly to that presentation.  An Introduction & Welcome;  A Getting to Know Your Machine;  A Getting Ready to Use Your Machine;  Using the Table Saw;  Using the Vertical Drill Press;  Using the Horizontal Boring Machine;  Using the Disc Sander;  Using the Lathe;  Using the Over-Table Router; and  Using the Under-Table Shaper.

Jim With Two Projects


Need plans for more project ideas? Here are two ideas for where to find them:

  1. Go to and see what plans we have to offer.
  2. Go to the Lowes website and check out the plan ideas they have to offer.

Additional Help Is Available From Shopsmith

If you'd like to know even more about any of these machines (or procedures you can perform with them), we invite you to contact us.

Fear-Not! There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of In Woodworking. Just Loads Of Great Fun And Super-Satisfaction!

Robert Folkerth

So, today's as good a day as any to get started. Pick the project you want to tackle first, head for your nearby home center to pick up the materials you'll be needing, fire-up your Shopsmith machine and have at it. If you have any problems along the way, always remember that all of us here at Shopsmith are ready to help you in any way we can.

Happy Woodworking,

Robert Folkerth - President - Shopsmith

Robert Folkerth

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