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Product Idea Submission Policy Form

We make sure your personal information is private and secure.

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I wish to submit to SHOPSMITH, INC. ("Shopsmith") for consideration, certain information, which relates to the following:

In making this submission the following conditions apply:

1. All submissions or disclosures of ideas are voluntary on my part.

2. Shopsmith, in order to give my ideas proper consideration, may refer the ideas to Shopsmith employees and to others not employed by Shopsmith. I understand that Shopsmith cannot promise to keep my ideas secret.

3. No confidential relationship is established by the submission or implied from consideration by Shopsmith of the submitted material.

4. If Shopsmith considers my ideas, my rights against Shopsmith, if any, are only such as may be embodied in a written agreement to be entered into if, in Shopsmith's discretion, my ideas are of sufficient value to warrant the making of any agreement.

5. Patented ideas will be considered only with the understanding that the submitter agrees to rely, for his protection wholly on such rights as he may have under the patent laws of the United States.

6. The above conditions shall also apply to any additional disclosures made incidental to the original material submitted.

I agree to the above conditions.

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