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Starting Your Shop

Many people feel that power tools are complicated machines, to be operated only by skilled technicians. Actually they are a means for almost anyone to achieve high-quality workmanship with a minimum of practice.

Power tools are woodworking experts. They do not require the long period of apprenticeship needed to accomplish fine work with hand tools. The essentials of woodworking are reduced to a few fundamentals of proper machine setup. Accuracy, speed, and power are built into the machine; the operator merely sets it and guides it.

Anyone who has ever tried to cut a board with a handsaw will probably agree that a certain amount of skill is required for even this most elementary woodworking operation. With a table saw, however, the operator merely sets the rip fence or the miter gauge, turns on the motor, and moves the board forward. The saw cuts the board quickly and easily, producing an edge that is straight and square.

A power tool does not care who flicks the switch. It will perform in exactly the same way whether the operator is skilled or unskilled. It does a good job -- a consistently good job. All the little variations, all the small discrepancies that occur in handwork, are eliminated.

The purpose of this book is to supplement the self-confidence that comes with ownership of power tools. All the information needed for basic power tool function is included in this volume and any woodworking project can be completed through use of the techniques and procedures described. Even highly advanced techniques are shown to be no more than step-by-step procedures that can be followed by anyone.

All of the operations and techniques shown throughout the book can be performed on the Shopsmith Woodworking System. Whether you have all the components of the System or are just starting out, this book will help you to perform woodworking procedures with ease, confidence and accuracy. As you use your System, your skills and confidence will increase and soon you'll find your self attempting more advanced procedures and techniques. You'll also notice that your projects are becoming more professional looking.

Woodworking is a wonderful means for personal expression, a great source of satisfaction and a perfect way to relax. So, start to build your System, get to know it, use it frequently, work safely and enjoy the rewards.

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