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Re: Bosch Digital Laser

#254677 by WileyCoyote » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:40 am

As I get older and things don't work as well as they used to, especially my eyesight, I depend on gadgets like this to help me in my hobbies. I haven't used a pair of calipers in a few years that doesn't have a battery and I would never give up my Wixie gadgets. I don't see a problem with using technology to help me out and it is quite often more accurate than I can get with mechanical gadgets.

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Re: Bosch Digital Laser

#254680 by reible » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:59 pm

I just picked up one of these bosch lasers. I will not be using it for setting up the machine but rather measuring rooms and the likes. The advertised resolution is no where near what one needs to set up a table saw.

Typically +/- 1/16" is just not going to be useful on a table saw even for measuring for parts where I would shoot for being with in 1/32". Remembering that laser could be off by as much as 1/8" from measurement to measurement. That would be one reading off by + 1/16 and the other off by - 1/16.

"Experts" that I've respected for other things and I have no reason to doubt have used from .003" to .005" as how close a table saw should be setup. I have used .005" and I have not found it difficult to get this or better using several methods. Yes there are a few tricks to achieve this but it is not that big a deal that just about anyone can do it.

Now on the other side, how bad can it get and still be safe comes into play. If it is too far off it becomes dangerous. I don't know where that point is and I really don't want to know. Things get bad at some point but why go there when you don't have to? Could you get by with it being off by 1/32" who knows but if it were a 1/16" I'd be really scared. Off by a 1/8" you might as well get out of the shop as using the saw that way would be nuts.

The point being is you should strive for something in the few thousands and you will not get that with a bosch laser.



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