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Two new project Mark V plus extras!

#255812 by PhilSC » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:59 am

Yesterday I got a Shopsmith lot from an estate sale on Craigslist. Pretty rough shape, but lots to work with! I got two sets of legs and tubes, two jointers, tables, a band saw, a jig saw, and assorted other bits. One intact headstock and the other is just a gutted casting. I already bought a lot of PB blaster, assorted abrasives, and some casters for a jig to turn the tubes.
What do you think? Suggestions and ideas welcome!

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Re: Two new project Mark V plus extras!

#255818 by everettdavis » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:39 pm

Welcome to the restoration family!

There is a lot to be learned from those who have been here and done that.

For background, we love photos here.

Not knowing your knowledge and experience, you might give us some background on your new addiction.

User Mickyd in 2009 did a restoration thread on his 1955 Greenie that you may find useful for reference. Yours may or may not be that old.


User ddvann79 did a 1962 Goldie one


I put those out there as some raw meat since each have substance and photos.

For reference materials and some guides that I developed you may find lots of documentation, manuals, exploded parts views (re-drawn or re-oriented for clarity) under the My Google Drive link at the following post.


There you will find a document under the first page of My Google Drive Link titled Buying a Used Shopsmith v.2.PDF that will give you a great deal of foundational reference.

In Sub folders of My Google Drive Link you will find among the Sub-directories these sorts of items.... there is more there.

Rust & Paint - where Got Rust.PDF is a reststoration bible of sorts with numerous methods and products discussed, even linked videos.

1954+ Mark 5 - where some of the early restored manuals are.

Parts and Accessories - Setscrews with part numbers and applications, casters, other items illustrated

Drawings - Mark V & Mark 7 - where many useful reworked and enhanced drawings exist including standard part and accessories (some comparing various versions through the decades) which is helpful in knowing what you have.

Adjustments and Alignments - variety of subjects in assembly or alignments

Bearings - Shopsmith Bearings Guide.PDF which is extensive with photos and examples of how to remove, install, select replacements etc.

Motors - Lots of info on Motor Start Circuits and a framework for a Motor Guide I am writing hopefully this year.

Read through the entire first post as there are links to things available on the Shopsmith site that are quite useful such as Summary Manuals etc.

Good Luck, and as I said we love photos.

You have to keep them below 2 megabytes each, and no taller that 1180 pixels or wider than 2050. It is a two step process. It will let you know if it is rejected but it tests file size first. It still could be too tall or wide. Once you get it proportioned, it can be attached and placed in line within the text if needed.


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Re: Two new project Mark V plus extras!

#255820 by PhilSC » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:29 pm

Thank you, Everett! I already have a Mark V that only needed a little attention.
I’ll post pictures from my desktop later tonight!

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