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Problem adjusting speed control, need help.

#3453 by bullfeathers » Tue May 01, 2007 7:20 pm

[email=""][/email]Hey Guys:
I'm new to this site and need help in dealing with the speed control on my SS.
I purchased SS V new display model from a Shopsmith rep. at Lowes in Oregon about three years ago. I have always had problems with the Speed Control, I contacted Shopsmith Customer Service discussed my problem. I was informed that probably some store customer messed around with the speed control handl messed it up. Customer Service immediatley sent me a new quadarant and instructions how to install the unit. Since my purchase I used my bandsaw for about 10 hours, I took the bandsaw off of my SS and prepared it for moving from Oregon to California. I tried using the SS and bandsaw yesterday and speed control is out of whack again. I ordered a new quadarant today. My problem is I'm not a machinest and I'm aat loss in how to put the unit together when I recieve the part. Is there anyone out there can give me planner instructions in replacing quadarant.
Thanks a lot. Bullfeathers:)

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#3520 by Nick » Thu May 03, 2007 4:06 pm

Here are the instructions, straight out of a pirated copy of the "Shopsmith Authorized Service Manual":

Replacing The Speed Changer

Tools needed:
3/32" Allen wrench
10 weight non-detergent oil
Medium - flat screw driver
Medium - Phillips screw driver

1. Turn off an unplug the Mark V.
2. Attach the sanding disk to the main spindle and rotate it away from you as you turn the control handle to fast. DO NOT force. This will take the tension off of the motor drive belt so that you can remove it from the motor pulley.
3. Remove the belt cover and secure out of your way to your left with tape or string. Slide the headstock and carriage to the right (towards the base mount) as far as they win go. Secure the headstock and carriage locks.
4. Remove the drive belt from the motor pulley by genuy sliding off one side of the belt and rotating the motor shaft so that belt will ride off entirely.
5. Remove the nameplate assembly to expose the access hole located on opposite of the control handle. NOTE: depending on the age of your unit this can be done by popping off with a flat head screw driver or by removing the screw located at the bottom of the nameplate cover. Some older units did not have access holes and you may have to lower the motor pan assembly down on the bench tubes to have enough room to work on unit
6. Depress the leaf spring on the back of quadrant and swing the retaining loop out of the way.
7. Use 3/32" Allen wrench to remove the control handle.
8. Remove the 3 large screws which are now exposed The entire mechanism can now be removed from the casting for cleaning and replacement. NOTE: Pay close attention to the position of the small spring (504196) when removing the speed dial.

1. Install the small spring (504196) to its original position and, put on the speed dial.
2. Push the speed control bracket into the opening in the headstock, line up the 3 screw holes and secure.
3. Turn the speed dial by hand until the "Fast" setting is aligned with the marker on the casting of headstock.
4. Spread sheaves on the motor shaft and reattach belt.
5. Depress the leaf spring on quadrant and reattach the retaining loop.
6. Replace the control handle and tighten the set screw on the worm control shaft indentation. Replace the belt cover and name plate assembly.
7. Prior to start up you must put the unit at a "slow speed". Put the 12" sanding disk on main spindle. Turn the disk toward you and the speed control down to slow at the same DO NOT force.
8. Perform a high speed adjustment.

You might also want to look at the photos in Thread #144. (

With all good wishes,


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#3532 by charlese » Thu May 03, 2007 8:43 pm

Hi, Oscar! Today I got out my copy of instructions for "Replacing The Speed Changer" in expectation of your request! Was going to copy these instructions, but Nick beat me to it.

The only thing I wish to add is that the small spring (504196) is the small coil spring near the top of the outside of the mechanism. It's located just under the Speed Control Dial. It's hard to find that 6 digit number - so this spring is part no. 73 on the exploded diagram.

I don't really expect you to have any problem changing out the quadrant, but is you do - give a holler on this thread.


Octogenarian's have an earned right to be a curmudgeon.
Chuck in Lancaster, CA

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#3538 by charlese » Fri May 04, 2007 1:42 am

bullfeathers - There are a couple of details I want to point out that are not mentioned in the above instructions. I am referring to numbers 7 and 8 of the removal instructions. ( got these details from a Shop smith manual and remembering the time I had )

Detail 1) When turning the speed dial up to fast - Get as close to "fast" as you can but make sure the notch in the speed control handle is facing UP. This will make it a lot easier to access the Allen screw to loosen the handle.
Since the dial won't necessarily be pointing to "Fast" - note the position of the closest letter to the arrow on the headstock. When the worm shaft, the speed control dial and speed control handle are put back on, you should duplicate that same position. The recess in the shaft will be facing up and the handle will be easier to put back on.

Detail 2) When you remove the three screws - the one on the right side can hold two issues;
a) The screw holds the flat curved spring that puts outward pressure on the dial. Don't lose it and when you put it back make sure the free end sits between the two little bumps on the speed changer.
b) This screw goes through a plastic clip on the inside of the headstock that hold a wire, I believe, to the power switch. Careful that you don't lose this clip and that on re-assembly you put it back on the screw.

One other note that may help understand the mechanism. The little coil spring is best left hanging in it's place. There is no reason to remove it. The purpose of that little coil spring is to keep the speed dial from rattling when the machine is running.

Oh Yeah! Wanted to say something about the loop on the end of the control sheave. sometimes it a little tricky to flip the loop off the end of the spring that is attached to the quadrant. I found it easiest to use my left hand through the inspection hole - Depress the spring with the left thumb and flip off the loop with the left index finger.


Octogenarian's have an earned right to be a curmudgeon.

Chuck in Lancaster, CA

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