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I have seen several listings on EBAY for 'Mini-Greenies' which look to be physically shortened Mark Vs. Sort of another version of a 'PowerStation' for accessories. They look like the owner's just cut down the tubes and re-assembled the SS - making it about 2 ft shorter. You could use for accessory storage (one on each end), an auxiliary sanding station, etc. Sort of a cool idea.

I think these are probably owner done modifications but maybe ShopSmith, at some time in the distant past, made these? Any opinions, thoughts about this - ShopSmith standard or just owner modified?

At any rate, I am considering buying an older SS myself, shortening up the tubes and making it into a power center/accessory storage area. Seems like a neat idea and simpler than building something like a cabinet et al.

All comments appreciated!

Bob Groh, Kansas City, MO.

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#19759 by RobertTaylor » Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:08 pm

the mini's are indeed created by owners, not shopsmith. the mini is made by cutting the tubes in half. another option is to make a "midi" shopsmith by cutting about 18" off all four tubes. this will allow you to leave a carriage on and still use the table saw and drill press modes that will not work on a mini. whatever method best suites your needs. however in all cases the upper tubes need to be 3/4" shorter than the lower tubes.

see for some great info


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#44249 by mckenziedt » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:56 pm

I bought a 1955 MkV a few years ago from Florida, in basket case condition(it was cheap!). As only 1 way tube and 1 base tube was worth shipping, I "invented" a short or "mini" to be used as a crafters station, and asked the guy to cut the tubes in half to make shipping the boxes full of disassembled parts cheaper. I didn't allow for the 3/4" difference(it's now only 3/8). I noticed this when rebuilding and wondered what was wrong, but it still went together well enough with the amount of tolerence in the base casting clamps. I put the MkV500 carriage and saw table back on and had all functions except drill press(even have that with very short bits and thin material). But the SPT power connector wouldn't go on as I couldn't slide the headstock far enough to the right with the carriage in the way. So I tried the bandsaw offset mounting tubes. but still couldn't get enough room. Since I had found that these mounts have some flex in them in use, I made longer offset bars out of heavier 3/8" bar stock. I could then get the power connector on, but still had flex. I went to 1/2" bar stock for the offset pieces and no more flex. I also beefed up the mount tubes to solid round stock, drilled and tapped to take longer and heavier cap screws to attach the longer 1/2" thick offset bars.
So now I have an almost full functioning SS in mini length. Don


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