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#116756 by paulmcohen » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:29 am

dusty wrote:I have looked at your post. Seems to be a neat solution.

Is it adjustable or is this a specialized jig?

Do you clamp it to the ways?

This is not a specialized jig, it started as a Delta Lathe Steady Rest. I posted the design elsewhere on the forum. I had to enlarge the dimensions and find a different way to attach it to the upper tubes. I previously also posted an adapter to allow other Delta Lathe accessories to mount on the Shopsmith, I reused this to attach this accessory.

The four dadoes hold four t-tracks that slide on T-bolts. 2 3/4" in-line skate wheels screw into the ends of the T-Track and secure the work from all four sides. It is designed to hold long work in a chuck on one end and allow work to be done of the other end, either drilling into the end or hollowing. The Shopsmith Steady Rest is used to steady long rods to prevent flexing but does not support the work all around.

If people want I can put all the pieces together in a single post in the next week (or so) with pictures of the completed project.


Paul Cohen
Beaverton, OR
A 1982 500 Shopsmith brand upgraded to a Mark 7 PowerPro, Jointer, Bandsaw (with Kreg fence), Strip Sander, Ring Master and lots of accessories all purchased new
12" Sliding Compound Mitre Saw, 1200 CFM DC

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#116773 by camerio » Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:06 pm

Please, do so !
I love pictures and I guess I understand better with pictures.
May be I am a visual person.


MarkV 520 & Band saw

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#116790 by JPG » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:46 pm

camerio wrote:Please, do so !
I love pictures and I guess I understand better with pictures.
May be I am a visual person.

That would be consistent with yer Avatar!;):cool:


╟JPG ╢

Goldie(Bought New SN 377425)/4" jointer/6" beltsander/12" planer/stripsander/bandsaw/powerstation /Scroll saw/Jig saw /Craftsman 10" ras/Craftsman 6" thicknessplaner/ Dayton10"tablesaw(restoredfromneighborstrashpile)/ Mark VII restoration in 'progress'/ 10E(SN E3779) restoration in progress, a 510 on the back burner and a growing pile of items to be eventually returned to useful life. - aka Red Grange

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