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The Ultimate Upgrade for your Mark V

The Ultimate Upgrade Mark V Owners Have Wanted

Shopsmith's New PowerPro Headstock Upgrade is the most exciting Shopsmith upgrade since the introduction of the Mark V in 1953! You gain More Power • Broader Speed Range • Forward/Reverse Operation • Ease of Use • Fool-Proof Controls • Reduced Maintenance • and more.

Now you can upgrade your Mark V to the next level... and get even more performance than you've enjoyed thus far.

Note: AK/HI - Please call Shopsmith Customer Service at 1-937-890-5197 for shipping cost information for Alaska and Hawaii.

Here Are the Four Ways To Upgrade Your Mark V To the State-Of-The-Art PowerPro Headstock

New Ready-To-Run PowerPro Headstock

Owners selecting this Upgrade option will receive a brand-new Mark V headstock, complete with the new PowerPro motor, all electronic circuitry, digital control panel, two-bearing quill, quill feed mechanism, drive sleeve assembly, pulleys, poly-v belts, cord and headstock wedge locks. Just slide your current Mark V headstock off the way tubes and slide the new headstock on in its place, keeping your old headstock as a spare.

556176 New PowerPro Headstock ...   $2,159.00

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Refurbished PowerPro Headstock

Owners selecting the Refurbished Upgrade Option will receive a fully refurbished Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock. All headstock components will be evaluated and reconditioned, as necessary. Fully warranted to run just like new.

5561768 Refurbished PowerPro Headstock ...   $1,987.98

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Your Headstock Reconditioned and Upgraded to PowerPro Status

If you select this option, you will ship your current Mark V headstock to the factory for upgrading. We will install the new PowerPro motor, all electronic circuitry and digital control panel. All remaining internal parts will be evaluated by our factory-trained service technicians and replaced as needed to upgrade your headstock to today's high PowerPro standards. We will then ship your upgraded PowerPro headstock back to you.

Note: For this option (having your current headstock upgraded), please contact Shopsmith Customer Service by toll-free phone at 1-937-890-5197 for information on timing and instructions on shipping your headstock to Shopsmith.

556178 Your Headstock Reconditioned and Upgraded
to PowerPro status ...   $1,797.97

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4 Reviews -- Average Customer Rating - 5.00 out of 5 -- Read all reviews

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Do-It-Yourself PowerPro Upgrade

Owners selecting the Do-It-Yourself Upgrade Option will receive a new PowerPro motor, all electronic circuitry, digital control panel, new two-bearing quill, new upper drive sleeve assembly, new poly-v belts and new cord... all for self-installation in your current Mark V headstock. In addition, you will receive a printed upgrade manual, an upgrade DVD and all necessary drilling templates, drill guide and bit for precise machining of the mounting holes for the new components. It is estimated that the upgrade process should require approximately four hours to complete. If you currently have newer belts, upper drive sleeve or a two-bearing quill... in order to protect your Upgrade Warranty, you are required to replace them during the upgrade process and keep your current parts as spares. Replacing all of these internal parts assures that all components of your upgraded headstock are up to today's high PowerPro standards.

Shopsmith PowerPro Components

556177 Do-It-Yourself PowerPro Upgrade Kit ...   $1,689.00

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56 Reviews -- Average Customer Rating - 4.73 out of 5 -- Read all reviews

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