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Shopsmith Double-Bar Clamps

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Shopsmith's Unique Double Bar Clamps Put the Two-Way Squeeze On Large Assembled Panels For a Flat, Tight Glue-Up Every Time

Get Flat, Tight Glue-Ups Every Time Unique Precision Milled Curved Radius Distributes Pressure Equally

Unique Shopsmith Double Bar Clamps

Whenever you're making those really big projects -- table tops, doors, counter tops, desks, cabinets, shelving, or any other job requiring gluing two or more pieces of stock together -- you need our Double Bar Clamps. There just isn't any better way to keep your long stock from bowing -- the major problem with these workpieces.

The bars of these unique clamps are made from the highest quality hardwoods. Each bar is professionally CNC-milled to provide superior clamping on a full range of widths. When gluing pieces edge to edge, these clamps apply pressure from the sides, top and bottom simultaneously.

Dual Clamping Action

The secret to the special dual channel clamping action is the ingenious curved radius of each hardwood bar. This precision cut radius distributes pressure equally over the entire width of the project. No other clamp works with this level of precision. Your workpiece glues up evenly and tightly -- eliminating the need for tedious surface sanding or planing. By using our Double Bar Clamps, you'll end up with a project you'll be proud to have in your home.

Each clamp is fully adjustable to varying lengths of stock for a wide variety of woodworking projects. Even smaller projects have a better chance of turning out the way you want them to... when you have these Double Bar Clamps in your bag of workshop tricks.

Simple To Use

Simply place your glued pieces between the wood bars and hand tighten the wing nut. The Double Bar Clamps go to work, applying pressure along the length of the glued pieces. The pressure is firm and uniform as the clamps grip the work.

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Shopsmith Tools in Action

Double Bar Clamp Veneer Press

555162 24" Double Bar Clamp (10" Minimum Width) ...   $72.47

555163 36" Double Bar Clamp (16" Minimum Width) ...   $83.90

555164 48" Double Bar Clamp (22" Minimum Width) ...   $92.59

Why Order These Clamps In Sets of Three ?

Besides saving money, these clamps can't do their job when used individually. Ideally, you'll need a clamp on each end of your glue-up to maintain optimal flatness. And, if your glue-up is wider than 18" to 24", you'll need another clamp in the middle to keep everything true.

That's Why You Should Order These In Sets of Three !

555800 24" Double Bar Clamps (Set of 3) ...   $195.67

555801 36" Double Bar Clamps (Set of 3) ...   $226.53

555802 48" Double Bar Clamps (Set of 3) ...   $249.99

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