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Shopsmith Band Saw Upgrades

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Upgrade Your Shopsmith Bandsaw Now

Enjoy Improved Performance From Your Older Model Shopsmith Bandsaw

The bandsaw brings so many unique, work-saving capabilities to the shop it's easy to see why it consistently rates as our most popular special purpose tool.

Here are just a few of its many capabilities: Cut tight or sweeping curves • Make compound cuts to create 3-D objects • Quickly cut wood up to 6" thick • Resaw thin boards from thick ones • Pad-saw multiple items simultaneously and • Cut metals, plastics or other materials.

Now is the time to upgrade your older Shopsmith bandsaw to enjoy improved convenience and performance. Order now, during this limited-time offer, and you'll save up to 30%.

Bandsaw Table Upgrade - Enjoy 45% More Workpiece Support Area

Bandsaw Table Retro-Fit Kit

“Bigger is Better” with our Bandsaw Table Retro-Fit Kit. Step up from your older 11-3/4" x 12" cast iron table to our current 13-1/2" x 15-1/2" aluminum model and not only enjoy 45% more workpiece support area and working convenience, but be able to add one of our two optional fence systems, our circle cutter and our table extension too, whenever you're ready. It's a great step up!

555487 Bandsaw Table Retro-Fit Kit ...   $129.77

Self-Aligning Aluminum Bandsaw Fence

Bandsaw Fence

Self-aligning aluminum fence locks firmly into position on the band saw table with a twist of the handle and a flip at the locking lever. Adjusts from 0" to 5" from blade. Accepts optional fence-mounted accessories such as flip-up stop, T-track mounted utility light and featherboards.

Note: For use on Shopsmith bandsaws with aluminum tables only (as shown here)

555645 Bandsaw Fence ...   $105.45

Bandsaw Bearing Upgrade - Stop the Squealing

Bandsaw Bearing Retro-Fit Kit

Stop that infernal squealing!... by replacing your old, noisy bronze blade backup rollers with these precision ball bearing rollers. Besides less noise, you'll enjoy more precise cuts and longer blade life, too. A real no brainer!

555074 Bandsaw Bearing Retro-Fit ...   $32.97

Bandsaw Side Cover Upgrade - Easier Blade Tension Adjustment

Bandsaw Side Cover Upgrade

Adjust bandsaw blade tension instantly without removing the cover. This replacement cover features a convenient window that lets you see the blade tension settings without having to remove the cover. You'll not only save time when adjusting the tension for different jobs, you'll save blades too by not over-tightening and snapping the blade welds.

522221 Bandsaw Side Cover Upgrade ...   $67.40

Cool Blocks For Longer Blade Life

Cool Blocks

Cool Blocks will extend the life of your bandsaw blades! Made of a special non-metallic material, these blade blocks will lubricate your blades, help them run cooler and make them last longer with less fear of breakage, too. In addition, you can snug them down tighter onto the sides of your blades and enjoy greater control and precision with every cut.

555374 Cool Blocks ...   $19.24

Replace Your Bandsaw Tire

Bandsaw Tire

Thrown a bandsaw tire recently or noticed that your blades are wearing out quickly? Well, then... what you need is a new tire (or two) and the adhesive to put it on. Our special kit includes one rubber replacement tire, plus the instructions and adhesive you need to do the job.

555644 (1) Bandsaw Tire and Adhesive Kit ...   $21.79

518108 (1) Bandsaw Tire Only ...   $13.79

Urethane Bandsaw Tire - Easier Installation

Urethane Bandsaw Tires

Urethane bandsaw tires install without glue, improve tracking performance and outlast conventional rubber tires.

These bright orange tires have been manufactured to our exacting specifications for use with the Shopsmith bandsaw. Made from a special urethane compound, they will improve blade tracking (especially with smaller blades)... repel sawdust build-up... and provide added durability over our standard rubber tires.

To install, submerge in hot (125° -- not boiling) water for about 15 minutes to soften them, and stretch them onto your bandsaw wheels. No glue required.

Includes: Two Urethane Tires

522458 (2) Urethane Bandsaw Tires ...   $35.99

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