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Shopsmith Mark V Reference DVDs

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Every Shopsmith Mark V Owner Should Have These Information-Packed Nick Engler DVD Reference Videos in their Home Shop!

Shopsmith Video Encyclopedia

Meet the Shopsmith Mark V Video Encyclopedia

This information-packed collection of six fail-safe, step-by-step videos by Nick Engler leave nothing to chance as they lead you through a wealth of valuable woodworking information that will help you set-up, align, maintain and repair your Shopsmith Mark V -- then use it to perform a host of woodworking operations more efficiently and more professionally.

Includes a Restoring Video, Especially For Owners of Older Model Mark Vs

If you've recently inherited or purchased an older Shopsmith Mark V, Nick's special Restoring Video will help you bring your machine to like-new operating condition and upgrade it from its more primitive 1950s, 1960s or 1970s version into a 21st century edition with improved performance and precision that will help you achieve far more professional-looking results !

Mark V Essentials Volume 1

If you've been wondering if the Shopsmith Mark V is for you... or have just purchased or inherited a new or used Machine & would like to see it put through its paces... this video is for you. In it, you'll find: • An introduction to the Shopsmith Mark V • How to set up & use the Table Saw, Drill Press & Horizontal Boring Machine -- (76 minutes) --

Mark V Essentials Volume 2

Here's Nick's follow-up to Mark V Essentials, Volume 1. As with Volume 1 above, it's must-have info for anyone who has recently purchased or inherited a used Mark V... or recent buyers of new machines. In it, you'll find: • How to set-up & use the (Flat & Conical) Disc Sanders & Lathe • How to perform critical Mark V maintenance procedures -- (72 minutes) --

Maintaining & Repairing the Mark V Volume 1

Here, Nick shows you how to examine & replace the Mark V's Belts & Drive Sleeve. You'll learn how to determine which of the three headstock types your machine has: Type A, B or C... which tells you when your machine was made, as well as which motor it has; whether it has a single or double-bearing quill; whether it has a Gilmer or Poly-V Belt & which switch it has. In it, you'll find: • How to inspect & replace the Drive Belt & Poly-V or Gilmer Belt • How to replace the Drive Sleeve • How to make a High Speed Adjustment -- (65 minutes) --

Maintaining & Repairing the Mark V Volume 2

In this Part 2 video, you'll learn how to inspect & repair or replace five of the most important components of your Mark V with a look at five more situations that Mark V owners could encounter, including: • How to inspect & adjust the Speed Changing Mechanism • How to inspect & replace the Power Switch • How to inspect & repair the Quill Feed Mechanism • How to inspect & repair and/or replace the Headstock & Table Carriage Locks -- (84 minutes) --

Critical Mark V Alignments

This fantastic video shows you, step-by-step how to align your Mark V's major components to achieve the very best results. No more fiddling around or guesswork! You'll learn • How to align the main Worktable with the Saw Blade • How to align the Miter Gauge & Rip Fence to the Miter Gauge Slots • How to align the Worktable with the Drill Chuck • How to align the Floating Tables & Extension Tables -- (68 minutes) -

Restoring a Neglected Mark V

This video begins with a review of What to look for when buying a used Mark V... including potential problems with the Headstock, Quill, Way Tubes, Carriage, Table & Accessories. You'll learn: • How to tear down & inspect the 13 primary Headstock components • How to decide which components to keep & which to replace • How to remove & prevent rust & corrosion • How to upgrade your Shopsmith Mark V -- (158 minutes) --

For Computer or DVD Viewing

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556071 Complete set of (6) Nick Engler Videos
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Shopsmith Mark V Video Encyclopedia - Complete Set of 6 DVDs

556071 Complete Set of 6 Nick Engler DVDs ...   $179.94

Nick Engler Reference DVDs also available separately

556063 Mark V Essentials - Volume 1 DVD ...   $29.99

556064 Mark V Essentials - Volume 2 DVD ...   $29.99

556068 Mark V Essentials - Volumes 1 and 2 DVDs ...   $49.98

556062 Critical Mark V Alignments DVD ...   $29.99

556065 Maintain and Repair Mark V - Volume 1 DVD ...   $29.99

556066 Maintain and Repair Mark V - Volume 2 DVD ...   $29.99

556069 Maintain and Repair Mark V - Volumes 1 and 2 DVDs ...   $49.98

556067 Restoring a Neglected Mark V DVD ...   $29.99

Also Available

Sawdust Session #1 DVD

522537 Sawdust Session #1 DVD ...   $14.95

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