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Shopsmith Lathe Turning Sale

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Shopsmith Lathe Turning Sale

Lathe Turning Accessories

Whether it's the basics, or specialty items to take your turning to the next level, now is the time to buy. Savings on lathe tool rests, chisels, faceplates, centers and more.

Universal Tool Rest - the most stable, versatile tool rest you'll anywhere

Universal Tool Rest Package - Save $41.99

Shopsmith's Universal Lathe Tool Rest is the most stable, most versatile lathe tool rest you'll find anywhere -- period ! Its unique triple-jointed design lets you swing the arm and support in any direction to position your tool rest deep within the deepest bowls, vases or goblets - even around the back side of large diameter faceplate or chuck-mounted turnings.

Weighing-in at a full 35 pounds, this heavy, cast iron tool rest system gives you all the rock-solid lathe tool support and reach you'll ever need. You'll quickly hog-out huge amounts of waste or deliberately and delicately produce intricate designs with equal ease and assured, super-smooth results every time. No more annoying vibrations, chatter or tool rest flexing.

You'll get the 10" diameter by 1" thick cast iron mounting base with precision machined support base bearing surfaces; the rigid, 18-1/4" by 1-3/8" by 2-1/2" cast iron support base arm with a 7-3/8" travel slot for wide-ranging adjustments; the 4-3/8" by 1-1/2" steel tool support arm with 1" diameter steel mounting post and adjustable depth-stop collar; three locking levers for quick adjustments without tools or wrenches; and all necessary mounting hardware. Fits MARK 7 and all Mark V models

555811 Universal Tool Rest ...   $219.28

555868 All-Inclusive Lathe Tool Rest Package
(Includes Universal Tool Rest and all 3 specialty tool rests below) ...   $279.93

Specialty Tool Rests

S-Shaped Tool Rest Especially for Bowl Turners 90 Degree Tool Rest For Continuous Cuts From Outside To Inside Surfaces 4-inch Tool Rest Helps You Get In Closer

S-Shaped tool rest is made especially for bowl turners. Lets you reach up to 4-inch deep into a bowl or similar hollow turning, while conforming to a typical inside shape. 6" long, overall, heavy-duty cast iron.

90° lathe tool rest is ideal for turning bowls, goblets, vases and similar projects where you will be making flowing, continuous cuts from outside surfaces to inside surfaces.

4" lathe tool rest helps you get in closer to deep coves on spindles or bowls -- and reach further into the insides of bowls when hollowing.

555312 S-Shaped Lathe Tool Rest ...   $36.24

555313 90° Lathe Tool Rest ...   $30.41

555314 4" Lathe Tool Rest ...   $24.92

Lathe Faceplates


These 5/16" thick cast faceplates attach quickly to your MARK 7 or Mark V's spindle with a single setscrew. The 3-3/4" diameter faceplate is the ideal choice for turning small bowls, vases and other objects that are larger in diameter than what you would comfortably turn on our screw center.

505590 3-3/4" Diameter Lathe Faceplate ...   $26.24

505591 6" Diameter Lathe Faceplate ...   $34.96

Pen Turning Lathe Chisel Set

3 Piece Pen Turning set is ideal for the serious pen turner. The continental shape 1/2" roughing out gouge is made from high-speed steel. Also included is the new, innovative 1/4" diamond point tool and a 1/16" parting tool.

518908 3 pc Pen Turning Set ...   $46.17

Nova 10-Piece Live Center System

Nova 10-Piece Live Center System

Now, you can get a more positive, more wobble-free grip on both small and large spindle and faceplate turnings with this amazing, affordable 10-piece universal live center system from Nova of New Zealand.

Precision machined from premium tool steel, this is the only system featuring the exclusive stepped cone for convenient, super-fast mounting of workpieces.

The Nova Live Center System is a great work-holding compliment for your Shopsmith lathe.

556235 Nova 10-piece Live Center System ...   $84.87

Lathe Centers

Lathe Centers

Lathe Drive Center grips your turnings securely -- Four-spur Center drives your workpiece during lathe operations. Just use a mallet to drive the spurs into the center point of your stock and attach it to the MARK 7 or Mark V spindle with a single setscrew.

Lathe Screw Center is ideal for small turnings -- especially designed for turning small diameter workpieces from 1-inch to 5-inches long without using a tailstock center.

Lathe Cup Center supports non-driven end of spindles while turning. Allows workpiece to spin freely when powered by the drive center.

Lathe Live Center features precision ball bearing construction for friction-free tip rotation without the need for beeswax or similar lubricants.

505715 Drive Center ...   $29.99

505601 Screw Center ...   $27.03

505716 Cup Center ...   $18.47

505602 Live Center ...   $41.99

Outside Caliper Center Finder

Measurement and Set-Up

Outside caliper for duplicating measured spindle cuts and gaging the thickness of bowl walls.

8" inside caliper with hardened fulcrum spring and tips.

Center finder works with round, square, hexagonal or octagonal stock. Center cutout allows marking.

Thickness gauge offers an ideal way to check the thickness of bowls or similar projects you may be turning on the lathe.

521929 6" Outside Calipers ...   $12.89

521931 8" Inside Calipers ...   $13.93

731195 Center Finder ...   $9.95

518991 Thickness Gauge ...   $10.99

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