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Shopsmith Disc Sanding

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Expand Your Sanding Capabilities and Save During This Special, Limited-time Disc Sanding Offer

Disc Sanding Package

Disc Sanding Package

Give your projects a smooth, professional look with this 20-piece sanding package. Extra discs let you have different grits mounted, ready for work. You get 2 steel discs, 6 coarse, 6 medium and 6 fine pressure-sensitive aluminum oxide sandpaper discs.

Plus during this special, we'll include a free disc sanding table insert with your disc sanding package.

505844 Disc Sanding Package with free disc sanding table insert
(for MARK 7 and Mark V models 505, 510 and 520 only)
(Total Package Value $230.73) ...   $179.58

Save On Individual Disc Sanding Accessories

12" Steel Sanding Disc

Steel Sanding Disc

Heavy, 12" diameter steel sanding disc features a precision steel arbor that is carefully attached to eliminate bothersome run-out and wobble. Just install the sandpaper disc of your choice, slip the arbor onto your MARK 7, Mark V or Power Station spindle and go to work.

555143 12" Steel Sanding Disc ...   $59.49

Disc Sanding Table Insert

Disc Sanding Table Insert

If you don't already own a disc sanding table insert for your MARK 7 or Mark V, you should. Why? Because working with this handy accessory will allow you to use your lower saw guard to capture the majority of the sawdust your disc sanding operations will produce. You'll breathe lots easier and have less of a mess to clean-up when you've finished! (If you own an older aluminum disc, you'll need to purchase a steel sanding disc to use this)

555116 Disc Sanding Table Insert
(for MARK 7 and Mark V models 505, 510 & 520 only) ...   $32.70

Sanding Discs

Sanding Discs

These top-quality sandpaper discs are made with a durable, open coat aluminum oxide abrasive that is fast-cutting and resistant to loading for a longer life.

Their abrasive particles are bonded to a heavy, industrial-grade, pressure sensitive paper backing, then precision cut to an exact 12" diameter for a perfect fit on Shopsmith's 12" steel sanding disc.

The assorted set of six discs (505843) includes 1 coarse (60-grit) disc, 2 medium (80-grit) discs, and 3 fine (100-grit) discs.

For the smoothest results, it's recommended that you sand your project with each of the three available grits, moving from coarse through medium and finishing with a fine disc. For that reason, it's most convenient to have all three grits mounted to individual steel Shopsmith sanding discs (555143) for faster switching between grits.

Includes: Six Discs Per Package

505843 Assorted PSA A/O Sanding Discs
(3) Fine, (2) Medium and (1) Coarse Disc ...   $26.35

505840 (6) Coarse (60 grit) PSA A/O Sanding Discs ...   $26.35

505841 (6) Medium (80 grit) PSA A/O Sanding Discs ...   $26.35

505842 (6) Fine (100 grit) PSA A/O Sanding Discs ...   $26.35

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