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Shopsmith Shaper Spindle With Ball-Bearing Rub Collars

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Say Goodbye To Burnt Edges When Shaping Profiles On Curved Workpieces

Profile the Edges of Curved Workpieces This Combination Solves The Burning Problem

Shopsmith Shaper Spindle With Ball-Bearing Rub Collars

If you've used your Shopsmith Shaper set-up with the conventional rub collars (1/2" Shaper Arbor -- 555117) to profile the edges of curved workpieces on your Mark V (with or without the PowerPro Upgrade) --- or on your new MARK 7 --- you've probably discovered that unless you perform this operation with care, there's a good chance that your rub collars are going to burn your workpiece edges.

However, those of you who have been performing this operation with the aid of the Shopsmith Speed Increaser, and its optional Speed Increaser Shaper Spindle with Ball Bearing Rub Collars (555472), have discovered that this combination solves the burning problem. The good news is that this approach can be made to work for you, whether you have a Speed Increaser or high-speed PowerPro Headstock Upgrade -- or not. Here's how:

Say Goodbye To Burnt Workpiece Edges When Shaping the Profiles of Curved Workpieces

First, install a Shopsmith Router Chuck (514631) on your machine's spindle. Then, install the Speed Increaser Shaper Spindle (555472) into the router chuck and tighten. Finally, select the appropriate diameter ball bearing rub collar for the job (25/32", 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" diameter) and go to work., without fear of workpiece edge burning. If you already own a Shopsmith 1/2" Router Chuck (514631), you're half-way home. If you don't, you'll need to order one to perform this operation.

More good news, we've created a new kit that contains the Shopsmith Router Chuck with the Shaper Spindle a $61.74 value, now available for only $39.54 a savings of $22.20. Order yours today and forget about workpiece edge burning!

555472 Shaper Spindle with Ball Bearing Rub Collars ...   $39.53

514631 Shopsmith 1/2" Router Chuck ...   $22.21

556270 Shopsmith Burn-Free Shaping Kit
(includes 555472 and 514631) ...   $49.42

5-Piece Starter Shaper Cutter Set

5-Piece Starter Shaper Cutter Set

New ! 5-Piece Starter Shaper Cutter Set -- If you're new to shaping and interested in giving it a try, we're now offering a 5-piece starter shaper cutter set that includes four multi-profile cutters plus an ogee cutter, representing our most popular profiles that most users consider to be the best set for most applications. The set includes:

  1. Bead & Quarter-Round
  2. 1/4" & 1/2" Combination Quarter-Round
  3. Quarter-Round & Cove
  4. Cove & Bead
  5. Ogee

This is the same set that comes in the starter package for the all new Shopsmith MARK 7 machines. This set has a total value of $104.25. Order yours now and save!

556271 Starter Shaper Cutters ...   $85.27

556272 Kit with 556271-Starter Shaper Cutters, 555472-Shaper Spindle, and 514631-Router Chuck ...   $130.21

Shaper Table Inserts

MARK 7 / Mark V 505 510 520 Shaper Table Insert

The MARK 7 / Mark V (model 505 510 520) insert is made of rigid cast aluminum (Mark V model 500 insert is made of a tough polymer). Both have a 2-1/4" diameter circular cutout to allow the shaper cutter to drop below the table surface to shape edges completely and smoothly and feature two starter pin holes.

Note: photo shows MARK 7 / Mark V model 505 510 520 shaper table insert

555122 Shaper Table Insert
(MARK 7 and Mark V models 505, 510 and 520) ...   $32.70

556267 Shaper Table Insert
(Mark V model 500) ...   $32.70

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