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Name: Gerry
Location: Asheville, NC
Submitted on: 2015-04-22
Rating: 4 out of 5
I haven't used it yet but just finished installation (my knuckles are still bleeding). but mainly wanted to comment on the assembly and installation. To install it in accordance with the instructions and web site pictures wastes about 3" of the KREG Fence Rail on the left hand end and provides no usable KREG Fence Rail to the right of the blade. But it does allow you to change blades with no trouble. Turning the Shopsmith Front Rail 180 degrees moves the Kreg rail to the right but does not allow blade changes without removing the entire rail system. It would be a great improvement to allow use of the right side of the table, but maybe with my limited bandsaw experience, the right side isn't really needed? The Shopsmith Rear Rail works both installations without problem since the table supports the rear of the Kreg Fence without need for a full-width Shopsmith Rear Rail. The instructions would be clearer with more photos and a discussion of both positions of the Shopsmith Front Rail. Retain close-ups but use them in conjunction with wide- angle photos. While better photos are available on the web site, the experience would be improved if the instructions were self-contained. In conclusion I am reminded of the old saw (no pun intended) that those who can't do, criricize. But it's a well designed system and adaptation between KREG and Shopsmith. I look forward to using it.
Name: Brian M.
Location: Bend, OR.
Submitted on: 2014-10-15
Rating: 5 out of 5
I received my premium fence today and couldn't wait to install it. Installation was super easy. I had eveything dialed in and adjusted in less than 2 hours. (If properly installed you do NOT have to remove the system to change blades. Just make sure you use the holes under the table that are on the left hand side.) I especially like the micro adjuster, nice and smooth adjustment. And, they even include hardware so you can remove the fence and mount it onto your miter gauge if you so choose. Overall I am glad I purchased the Kreg fence and am pleased with the results. I aimed to resaw a piece of Ash that was 1 x 4 x 20" as a test cut. I set the fence at 1/4", ran the board through and checked it with calipers. ( 0.248") Shopsmith and Kreg did a fine job building this system!
Name: Jason
Location: Maryland
Submitted on: 2009-11-16
Rating: 5 out of 5
Great fence really increased productivity, and makes using the bandsaw quick and easy. 1 word of caution I had a 4 inch Kreg resaw I was using prior and thought it would fit but there is no T slot in the upper fence face for the bolts to slip into. So redrilling and a miter slid is required or just buy Shop smiths version for an exact fit.
Name: Don
Location: AZ
Submitted on: 2008-03-07
Rating: 1 out of 5
I have this system. But? In order to change cutting blades one has to remove the system. we need a split mounting attachment to make it more user friendly.

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