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555074 - Bearing Retrofit Bnd


Band Saw Back Up Roller Retro-fit Kit

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Name: Big John
Location: Chicago
Submitted on: 2017-12-20
Rating: 3 out of 5
Although 4 different bearing are shipped, they are of 2 different widths. The 2"thin" ones are sandwiched together to replace the old existing single bearing(# 502578) backup rollers. If you have an older saw like mine (model 505641), the new bearing has too small a diameter to fit the lower guide assembly. It will end up 1/8 inch behind the blade and useless. It also won't fit on the old shaft and the new shaft won't fit the saw hole. I had to just reinstall the old bearing. Bummer! Someone should have checked the diameter on the old bearings and shafts. Perhaps there is a way to move the bearing closer to the blade, but the new one won't fit on the old shaft, and the new shaft won't fit the saw.
Name: Tom S.
Location: South Dakota
Submitted on: 2017-02-24
Rating: 5 out of 5
My bandsaw was making noise so I read like everyone else and decided to do the bearing upgrade. When I got it apart the bearings weren't that bad. But I decided to replace them anyway and I'm glad I did. Along the way I followed the directions and my assembly manual to a T. I found the upper wheel bearing was dry, so I lubed that. I found out the bandsaw wasn't located properly horizontally or vertically with the headstock. I adjusted that. I replaced the blade and adjusted the tracking and lubed all these parts with graphite as recommended. I have to say it made a world of difference. The bearings started it but I adjusted the thing to where it should be and I never knew it was off. I like this tool!!!
Name: PWH
Location: San Diego
Submitted on: 2016-11-11
Rating: 1 out of 5
Initially I was thrilled as the replacement bearings stopped the squealing that had become unbearable. Now, two(2) months down the line, the machine was running sluggish, poor performance. I took off the cover and noted that the lower bearing was completely off. The screw is tight, the the bearing is destroyed. Very disappointed. The rep suggested that I might have gotten a "one off" bad bearing. She was then considerate enough to promise to send me a replacement without charge as a "under warranty" resolution. I appreciate this, wish I hadn't gotten the one 'bad apple' but stuff does happen.
Name: jmattsson
Location: SC
Submitted on: 2016-07-23
Rating: 5 out of 5
Initially, I was put off that this item was back ordered. I only had to wait a couple weeks. When the product arrived, I was surprised to see there were 4 bearings in the bag, whereas my bandsaw only had 3 bearings. Because I didn't pay close enough attention, I didn't see that two of the bearing were about half the width of the other two. The instructions were not clear, and I put one of the narrower bearings on the lower assembly. I didn't like what I saw and called Shopsmith. The customer service rep was GREAT. I learned the two narrow bearings are for the upper assembly, and the back of the blade rides in the channel made by two bearings. My bandsaw is over 30 years old and this is the first time I have changed the bearings. It is now running like new. Kudos to Shopsmith customer service and kudos to the quality of the bearings.
Name: Michael Phillips
Location: Tulsa
Submitted on: 2016-02-17
Rating: 3 out of 5
Took nine days for my bearings to arrive and I discovered the old bearing had brass bushings in the center and the new bearings didn't. I wasn't too surprised to find the new bearings didn't fit the old screws. At first I didn't understand why the change in size was necessary, till I learned three new screws, which I am told will fit the new bearings, are going to cost an additional $22.00. I have used my Shopsmith bandsaw a lot over the last 18 years and this is the first time I have had to change these bearings. A friend who has a different brand tells me he has to change his every year. I have mixed feelings.
Name: Len
Location: N. California
Submitted on: 2016-01-18
Rating: 5 out of 5
Had the LOUDEST bandsaw in all of ShopSmith's World and then replaced them with these. They cut down the noise about 90%. Glad I replaced these bearings. Mechanically challenged and a poor reader, I took it slow step by slow step and they became obviously simple to replace. Took photos of "the before" just to make sure I could reassemble if failure was an option; glad I did since the orientation of the bearing set beneath the table appeared more complicated. Stepping back and looking at them helped a bit, while the drawings accompanying the bearings did not. The new set screws have "shoulders" which is a great improvement over circlips on the originals replaced. Keep an eye on size (width) of the bearings lest you be mistaken for which goes where.
Name: mike
Submitted on: 2013-11-20
Rating: 5 out of 5
Name: Tony McQuay
Location: Little Rock AR
Submitted on: 2013-04-26
Rating: 2 out of 5
My saw was very noisy so I decided to up date it. After all it's over 20 years old but was working just fine only made a lot of noise. After changing the bearings it sounded great and ran smooth too. However the lower roller bearing came apart and now makes 10 times the noise as before and the saw doesn't run as good. I'm ordering a new bearing but if I had not tossed the original I would put it back on. Not too happy at this point.
Name: mike
Location: bothell, wa
Submitted on: 2012-06-13
Rating: 1 out of 5
these are cheep bearings from china !!!!!

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