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Service & Repair Parts Catalog

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MARK V 500, 510, & 520
Belt Sander
Dust Collector
Lathe Duplicator
Scroll Saw
Strip Sander
MARK V Mounted Thickness Planer
Pro Planer
Miscellaneous Accessories
Most Common MARK V Problems
17 Most Frequently Ordered Parts
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Service & Repair Parts
Your guide to maximum MARK V and Special
Purpose Tool performance

This Shopsmith Web Site is devoted to helping you keep your MARK V and Special Purpose Tools operating at their peak.

The easiest and best way for you to ensure that your machines are performing up to standards is to follow the guidelines for periodic maintenance in your Owner’s Manuals. Doing this will help you avoid most of the problems which might occur.

In those rare instances when you may need to purchase a replacement part (usually at the recommendation of our Technical Services Staff), this special Service & Repair Parts List will help you identify the items you need and provide their part numbers and current prices.

It is important that you follow the Periodic Maintenance Schedule in your MARK V manual. We’ve also included a table here that describes the ten most common problems encountered by MARK V users --and their remedies. If you have a problem with your MARK V, look to this table (or the Troubleshooting Chart in your Owner’s Manual) first for the solution. If you are unable to find the solution you need here, just call our TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline at 1-800-762-7555 for the answers you need.

Also included are the 17 most frequently ordered MARK V service parts.

If you wish, you can go directly to our detailed Service & Repair Parts Index.