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Model 500 and Model 505/510/520 Saw Blade Arbors


Get one for every blade so you can  change from blade-to-blade almost instantly. Model 500 arbor shown here.

Our Saw Blade Arbors include large diameter flanges and nuts to help stabilize your blades and minimize wobble and runout. Machined flats on the mounting shaft and locking nut simplify installation with our special Arbor Wrench.

The 1-1/4” Arbors are made specifically for Shopsmith brand blades, while the 5/8” Models will accept more highly specialized blades that are not available from Shopsmith at this time.

Having all of your Saw Blades mounted on their own Arbors means that each of your Blades will be ready to go to work when you are…without time-consuming changeovers.

We also offer a special 13” long, double-ended steel Arbor Wrench to help keep your hands out of harm’s way during changeovers. It is designed to work with all 1-1/4”, 5/8” and 1/2” Shopsmith Arbors. Abor Wrench

NOTE: The 5/8” Arbors listed here have short shafts that are not designed to accept wide Dado Blades.

1-1/4-inch Saw Blade Arbor -- For Model 500
Price $31.99
Status: Item is available.

5/8-inch Saw Blade Arbor -- For Model 500*
Price $31.99
Status: Item is available.

1-1/4-inch Saw Blade Arbor -- For Models 505, 510 & 520
Price $31.99
Status: Item is available.

5/8-inch Saw Blade Arbor -- For Models 505, 510 & 520*
Price $31.99
Status: Item is available.

13" Arbor Wrench
Price $16.69
Status: Quantity is low.

*The 5/8-inch Saw Arbor has a short thread shaft. For use with single saw blade only. Not for use with Dado Blades.

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