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Shopsmith’s Miter Gauge and Accessories deliver precision, safety and repeatability

Miter Gauge and Accessories
Miter Gauge and Accessories

Making precision saw cuts – guiding workpieces precisely through Molding, Dadoing, Shaping & Routing operations – and controlling your stock during Sanding are all jobs that require the help of a reliable, accurate Miter Gauge…and Shopsmith’s Gauge and its related Accessories are ready to fill those needs for you.

The Shopsmith Miter Gauge (A)…forms the basis for this complete system of work-holding and guiding devices. It offers a built-in scale that reads from “0” to 300 left and right…an adjustable “Zeroing” pointer that lets you measure down to 10 increments...
adjustable auto-stops at “0” and 450 in both directions…and a large, Knurled Knob to lock the Gauge into position. A 1/4” hole runs through the face (left-to-right) for inserting the optional Stop Rod (D).

The Miter Gauge Safety Grip (B)…attaches to the Miter Gauge with a single screw and the top screw-in post. One pound of pressure on the Grip exerts five pounds of holding pressure between the Safety Grip pad and the top of the Miter Bar to keep the stock from slipping during the cut. Quick-release Knob adjusts rapidly for stock up to 4-1/4” thick.
The Miter Gauge Package…includes the Miter Gauge (A) and the Safety Grip (B).

The Hardwood Miter Gauge Extension (C)…2-7/8” x 12” hard maple Extension comes with two mounting bolts and two knurled locking knobs and makes an excellent choice for providing additional workpiece support during many woodworking operations.
The Miter Gauge Stop Rod (D)…adjusts to make repetitive crosscuts up to 19-1/4” from the saw blade. Includes two setscrews for attaching to Miter Gauge.

The 24” Aluminum Miter Gauge Extension (E)…mounts quickly and easily to the face of your Shopsmith Miter Gauge with two mounting bolts and Knurled Locking Knobs. Stop Block (included) adjusts to make repetitive crosscuts up to 24” long.

The 20” Aluminum Miter Gauge Extension (F)…attaches to your Miter Gauge Face via rear T-Slots with two bolts and Knurled Knobs. The adjustable Stop slides to the left or right in a top-mounted T-Slot and can be flipped up or down when needed. The Extension (with Stop) slides left or right on the Gauge face to allow repetitive cut-offs up to 20” long.

The MARK V Miter Bars (G & H)…are made to fit all Model MARK V Work Tables, Shopsmith aluminum Bandsaw Tables and T-Slotted Router Tables. Item G is made to fit Model 505, 510, 520 MARK Vs and includes removable T-Slot Washer. Item H is made to fit Model 500 MARK Vs and does NOT include T-Slot Washer.

The Miter Bar for Jigs & Fixtures (I)…includes steel Miter Bar with T-Slot washer to prevent accidental lift-out and mounting holes with counterbores for three 1/4-20 by 1/2" long buttonhead screws (included). Also includes three mating 1/4-20 Threaded Inserts for attaching Miter Bar to Jig or Fixture and a Hex Key for installing Threaded Inserts.

A 505700
Shopsmith Miter Gauge (without Safety Grip)
Price $66.03
Status: Quantity is low.

B 505625
Shopsmith Miter Gauge Safety Grip
Price $47.23
Status: Item is available.

Shopsmith Miter Gauge Package ( Gauge & Safety Grip)
Price $104.15
C 505630
Hardwood Miter Gauge Extension
Price $18.62
Status: Quantity is low.
D 505629
Miter Gauge Stop Rod
Price $22.27
Status: Quantity is low.
E 555429
24” Aluminum Miter Gauge Extension
Price $47.40
Status: Quantity is low.
F 556005
20” Aluminum Miter Gauge Extension (w/ Flip Stop)
Price $59.95
Status: Item may be on BACK-ORDER, or is made upon ordering.
Please call 1-800-543-7586 if you have any questions.
G 516619
Sliding Table Miter Bar (Models 505, 510, 520 – w/T-Slot Washer)
Price $24.89
Status: Item is available.
H 516525
Sliding Table Miter Bar (Model 500 only – without T-Slot Washer)
Price $24.89
Status: Quantity is low.
I 555895
Shopsmith Miter Bar for Jigs & Fixtures (1)
Price $38.30
Status: Quantity is low.
Shopsmith Miter Bar for Jigs & Fixtures (2)
Price $76.60

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