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Shopsmith's Extension Table Brackets


This ingenious pair of Brackets will let you use the two Floating Extension Tables that come with your Model 510 or 520 MARK V as infeed or outfeed supports when ripping or crosscutting wide or long pieces of stock.

Once assembled, you'll have a 30" deep by up to 18" wide auxiliary support Table to help you handle cumbersome workpieces with added ease and safety and perhaps even without your spouse or the neighbor "helper" you occasionally have to call in.

Just slip the two Mounting Brackets over the ends of one of your 2' Connector Tubes that you've slipped through the Front Tube or Rail of your MARK V's Worktable, attach you Floating Tables to the other end using the (included) 18" Connector Tube affix one or both of your Telescoping Legs to this 18" Tube, adjust the Table height, and go to work. The entire process will take less than 5 minutes and give you all the workpieces support and convenience you could ask for.

The Brackets will work with either a Model 510 or 520 MARK V's* and feature a unique raising and lowering system that lets you micro-adjust the heights of the Floating Extension Table(s) for safe, smooth operation using two Height Adjustment Setscrews.

The complete kit includes two aluminum Bracket castings, one 18" Connector Tube and all necessary hardware for assembly and operations.

*These Brackets will also work with Model 505 MARK V's but require that you purchase Floating Extension Tables (514446) and Connector Tubes (514439) separately.

Infeed/Outfeed Extension Table Brackets
Price $73.49
Status: Quantity is low.

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