Shopsmith Cross-Cut Sliding Table

Enjoy the cutoff convenience and precision of a radial arm saw
with Shopsmith's amazing Cross-Cut Sliding Table System

Makes easy work of cross-cutting cumbersome workpieces

Ingenious Sliding Table makes easy work of
cross-cutting long or cumbersome workpieces

This ingenious sliding table acts like a "sled" to support long or wide workpieces as it carries them smoothly and precisely through otherwise difficult cross-cuts. With this accessory, precise crosscuts and miters on large pieces of stock are as easy (and as accurate) as with a radial arm saw!

Its durable, laminated surface is a full 15-3/4-inches x 31-3/4-inches to provide plenty of support. The aluminum fence adjusts quickly for 90-degree, 45-degree, 36-degree, 30-degree and 22.5-degree angle cuts to make precise miters for four, five, six, or eight-sided projects.

Available in three versions for use with all Mark 7 / Mark V models... as well as other table saws.

555535 Crosscut Sliding Table
(for Mark 7 and Mark V models 505, 510 & 520) ...    $107.30
(Item may be on back-order or is made upon ordering)

555502 Crosscut Sliding Table
(for Mark V model 500) ...    $107.30
(Item may be on back-order or is made upon ordering)

516524 Crosscut Sliding Table
(Without Miter Bar - for other brand saws) ...    $95.75
(Item may be on back-order or is made upon ordering)

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