Shopsmith Special-Purpose-Tool Power Stands

Shopsmith's All-Inclusive, Machine-Specific Power Stands Give You Ready-To-Go Woodworking Convenience for Your Shopsmith Special-Purpose Tools

Ready-To-Go Convenience For Your Special-Purpose Tools

Shopsmith's Special-Purpose Tools are uniquely designed to be powered and operated by your Mark 7 / Mark V or by their own, individual power stand kits. The twin mounting tubes on each tool slip easily on and off the mounting base attached to the top of these power stand kits, much like they do on the Mark 7 / Mark V (Note: The Planer mounts directly to the power stand without a mounting base).

These special Shopsmith Power Stand Kits allow you to free-up your Mark 7 or Mark V for performing the full range of standard accessory operations while giving you the power and working convenience of using your Special Purpose Tools simultaneously. Having the appropriate power stands eliminates the need for changeovers and saves you valuable time.

If you have the space, or are in a steady production situation, you'll enjoy the added convenience of having your most often used machines set up permanently on their own power stands - providing easy, instant access when you need them. These kits produce the following speeds for each tool:

Ready-To-Go Convenience For Your Special-Purpose Tools

When you have the space... and prefer that frequently-used tools be ready-to-go... this is a great choice for you. Specially configured power stands with appropriate motor and multi-speed (except Jointer and Planer) belt-and-pulley drive systems are available for each tool.

In addition to providing notable benefits if you're working in a production-like situation where time is of the essence, it's also highly beneficial for those who, for medical reasons, may have difficulty switching machines to and from their Shopsmith.

Includes: • Sturdy, Heavy-Gauge Steel Stand • Heavy-Duty, 1/2 hp Motor with Cord (1-1/2 hp for Planer) • Switch with Removable Safety Key • Cast aluminum Mounting Base (not required for Planer) • Appropriate Tool and Motor Pulleys • V-Belt and • Protective Belt Guard.

555059 Shopsmith Bandsaw Power Stand (includes: 1/2 hp motor and a 1-step and a 2-step pulley delivering 770 and 1150 rpm's) ...    $356.29

555058 Shopsmith Belt Sander Power Stand (includes: 1/2 hp motor and a 1-step and a 2-step pulley delivering 1150 and 1725 rpm's) ...    $356.29

555056 Shopsmith Jointer Power Stand (includes: 1/2 hp motor and a 1-step pulley delivering 3900 rpm's) ...    $356.29

555805 Shopsmith Strip Sander Power Stand (includes: 1/2 hp motor and a 1-step and a 3-step pulley delivering 985, 1480 and 1975 rpm's) ...    $356.29
(Item may be on back-order or is made upon ordering)

555369 Shopsmith Scroll Saw Power Stand (includes: 1/2 hp motor and a 4-step pulleys delivering 190, 265, 300, 395, 475, 675, 700, & 990 strokes-per-minute ...    $356.29

505977 Shopsmith Thickness Planer Power Stand (includes: 1-1/2 hp motor and 1-step pulleys delivering 5750 rpm's) ...    $382.60

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