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Special Mounting Base gives you the ideal, out-of-the-way place to store your Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools or MARK V Extension Tables

Mounting Base Mounting Base

So…what do you do with your Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools or Extension Tables when they’re not in use ? Lean them against the wall in a corner of the shop? Store one on each end of your MARK V ?

These may SEEM like OK ideas…but, as you may have discovered, they’re not. Floor storage increases the likelihood of damage to your valuable tools…and MARK V storage only provides space for two tools…which are then usually in the way…and have to be removed each time you perform practically any operation.

These value-priced Mounting Bases provide the ideal solution. Originally designed for mounting Tools to our Special Purpose Tool Power Stands, Shopsmith Customers quickly discovered that they could be attached to a simple 2” x 10” shelf (hardware for attaching to shelf is not included), mounted to the wall with readily available metal shelf brackets. This way, they’re not consuming valuable floor space… or susceptible to damage.

Make your shelf as long as you like…or need…even stack two shelves above one another, if that works out better for you.

Shopsmith Mounting Base
Price $44.99
Status: Quantity is low.

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