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Keep your edged tools super-sharp with the Shopsmith Grinding Wheel Guard

Shopsmith’s Grinding Wheel Guard attaches to your MARK V and allows you to grind or hone all types of edged tools. In addition, you can use it to restore the performance of screwdrivers, punches, garden tools, mower blades and more -- and perform a wide range of general, in-shop grinding jobs.
Its versatile tool rest can be adjusted and locked firmly into any angle up to 90-degrees with a quick twist of the oversized wingnut. Use the rest in a vertical position with edges that surround the wheel when sharpening chisels and narrow edged tools -- or in a horizontal position for supporting wide plane irons.
The clear, see-through shield and spark guard are both fully adjustable to provide maximum protection for every set-up.
Attaches quickly and easily to the quill of your Shopsmith MARK V. Use only with Shopsmith 5" Grinding Wheels (not included).
Includes: The Grinding Wheel Guard, See-Through Shield with Spark Arrestor and
5/8-inch Grinding Wheel Arbor.

Shopsmith Grinding Wheel II
Price $69.39
Status: Item may be on BACK-ORDER, or is made upon ordering.
Please call 1-800-543-7586 if you have any questions.

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