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Shopsmith Grinding Wheel Guard

Keep Your Edged Tools Super-Sharp with the Shopsmith Grinding Wheel Guard

Grinding Wheel Guard -- 555470

Keep your woodworking, gardening and other household cutting tools sharp with Shopsmith's Grinding Wheel Guard and Grinding Wheels

As a woodworker, you already know that only sharp tools will help you produce the best results with the least effort. Your lathe chisels, bench chisels, and plane irons all have cutting edges that WILL become dulled and MAY get nicked. And that means they need to be sharpened periodically to help you achieve the best results on whatever job you're doing.

To install, simply position the neck of the grinding wheel guard over your Shopsmith's quill housing and tighten the single 5/32" cap screw. Install the preferred grinding wheel and you're ready to start grinding or honing all types of edged tools.

In addition to sharpening your woodworking tool edges, you can also use it to:

  • Restore the damaged tips of your screwdrivers
  • Flatten the ends of punches
  • Round the ends of bolts you may have sawn to a shorter length, in order to remove any burrs you've created
  • Sharpen gardening and other outdoor tools such as lawnmower blades, axes, trimming shears and more
  • And these are just the beginning
Grinding wheel guard, see-through shield with steel spark arrestor, 5/8" grinding wheel arbor and detailed, easy-to follow installation and use instructions

The guard comes with a generous-sized, easily adjustable tool rest that provides positive control of your grinding angles. Once it's adjusted (to any angle up to 90°) simply lock it firmly into position with the large, over-sized wing nut. Use the rest in a vertical position when sharpening chisels or other narrow edged tools. If you prefer, its notched leading edge can be adjusted to surround the wheel for added tool support. Then move it into a horizontal position when sharpening plane irons or other wider tools.

The high-impact, acrylic see-through shield with steel spark arrestor are fully adjustable to provide maximum protection for every set-up. To get started, simply install the preferred grinding wheel on the special 5/8" wheel arbor, attach the guard, then the wheel to your Shopsmith machine and start grinding and/or sharpening.

Includes: Grinding wheel guard, see-through shield with steel spark arrestor, 5/8" grinding wheel arbor and detailed, easy-to follow installation and use instructions.

555470 Shopsmith Grinding Wheel Guard ...   $86.74

Order the Special, Complete Grinding Wheel Package

Includes grinding wheel guard, see-through shield/spark arrestor, three (3) 5/8" grinding wheel arbors (one for each grit wheel), three grinding wheels (one each of 36 grit, 60 grit and 100 grit) with arbor adapter bushings and detailed, easy-to-follow installation and use instructions.

555745 Complete Grinding Wheel Package ...   $199.62

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