Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router

Make Your Hand-Held Router One of the Most Versatile Tools In Your Shop

Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router - One of the Most Versatile Tools for Your Shop

555970 Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router is not currently available

Just mount the overarm and router table directly to your Mark 7 or Mark V's twin way tubes and worktable and in minutes, you'll be performing many operations faster and with far greater precision and repeatability than you could ever hope to achieve with conventional routing methods.

Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router - Routing with the fence

You'll Do All This With Your Overarm Router:

And, since it operates with the bit cutting down from above the workpiece, you'll have a clear, safe view of your work at all times... and be able to make depth-of-cut adjustments with a simple drill press-like quill lever.

So... What Exactly is Pin Routing?

Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router - Pin Routing To Make Exact Duplicates

It's a simple operation that uses a shop-built guiding fixture to make exact duplicates of workpieces, just like they've done in cabinet shops and furniture factories for years.

Here's How the Pin Routing Process Works:

Feature-Packed for Top Performance

Your Overarm Pin Router is loaded with features and capabilities that will help you turn out better projects every time.

Maximum router motor HP 3 hp
Router motor diameters accepted* 2-1/2" to 4"
Throat depth (bit center to way tubes)** 10-1/2" to 18-1/2"***
Vertical motor travel (lever-controlled) 3-1/2"
Maximum workpiece thickness Approx. 11"****
Fence size (2) 13-1/4" w x 1-1/4" h
Worktable size (laminate-covered MDF) 18-1/2" d x 28" w x 3/4" h
Guide / Starter pin diameters furnished 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"
Maximum bit diameter (with insert) 1-3/8"
Maximum bit diameter (without insert) 2"
Dust port diameter 2-1/4"

* Round motors only
** With 3-1/2" diameter router motor. Distances vary, depending on diameter of router motor
*** Maximum dimensions, depending on which set of arm mounting holes are used
**** Varies, based on router motor and bit used

Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router

Includes: Overarm • Mounting Clamps • Worktable • (2) Table Inserts (one for conventional routing and one for pin routing) • (3) Guide / Starter Pins • Two-Piece Fence with Mounting Knobs • Safety Shield • Dust Port • Mounting Hardware • and Manual.

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Shopsmith Tools in Action - Online Video

Watch These Online Videos Of This Amazing Tool

Overarm Router - Part 1 Introduction
Overarm Router - Part 2 Joinery
Overarm Router - Part 3 Decorative Shapes
Overarm Router - Part 4 Pin Routing
Overarm Router - Part 5 Routing Round Stock
Mortising on the Router Arm
Avoiding Back-Routing

555970 Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router is not currently available

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