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Shopsmith Power Station Delivers Efficiency and Versatility

The Shopsmith Power Station® Delivers Efficiency and Space-Saving Versatility

Shopsmith Power Station Delivers Efficiency and Space-Saving Versatility

Shopsmith Power Station

If you want the ability to select different ready-to-go tools based on your projects this choice lets you...

  1. Switch Between Tools in a Flash
  2. Dial-In the Speed you Need for Each Tool
  3. Power Multiple Tools and Save Space, too

The perfect choice for those who depend on the space-saving convenience of their Mark 7 or Mark V's, yet also want to bring a selected ready-to-go tools into play, based on project needs.

The Shopsmith Power Station Gives You Plenty of Variable Speed Muscle - Plus - Quick Tool Changeovers !

The compact, easy-to-use Shopsmith Power Station is like having a “Mini Mark V” standing by to support and power your Shopsmith special purpose tools when you need an extra hand. And, just like your Mark 7 or Mark V, you can stash it compactly away in a corner of your shop until needed, then pull it out and install the special purpose tool you need for a particular job. When not in use, it occupies just 5 sq. ft. of floor space!

Rugged, High-Torque Motor

The rugged, high-torque motor develops up to a full horsepower of muscle. All the power you could ask for to operate your Shopsmith bandsaw, jointer, belt sander, scroll saw (or older Shopsmith jigsaw)or strip sander. This is more horsepower than most comparable free-standing machines.

Dial-In Variable Speed Control - 850 to 3,850 RPM at the Turn of a Lever

Just rotate the speed dial lever to achieve any speed you want within this infinitely variable range, then lock it into position. Dial features nine numbers, representing the full range of speeds.

Set-up as Many as Four Operations at Once !

Use your Power Station with your Mark 7 or Mark V to set up as many as four operations at once! Set-up your Mark 7 / Mark V as a table saw while powering your jointer with its auxiliary spindle. Cut your stock to length and width, then joint the edges straight. Mount your bandsaw on the Power Station and use it to cut a curved window valance from this stock... then smooth the curves using your drum sander mounted to the Power Station's auxiliary spindle to finish the project -- four operations without a single changeover!

Exchange Special Purpose Tools Just as You Would With Your Mark 7 / Mark V

The twin mounting tubes attach to an adjustable carriage to accept your Shopsmith special purpose tools, just like the tubes on your Mark 7 /Mark V. Once adjusted, the carriage locks into position with a single lever.

Twin Powered Spindles Provide Connection Convenience

The main spindle accepts a power coupler (included) hub for attaching your special purpose tools... or your 12" Shopsmith sanding disc. The auxiliary spindle is designed for your 2-1/4" Shopsmith drum sander... or for your Shopsmith drill chuck.

Disc Sand, Drum Sand, Buff or Polish, too !

Disc Sanding is an additional operation that can be performed with the Power Station. Just mount your disc sander to the main spindle. For top-notch dust collection while you work, attach the collar of your lower saw guard or disc sander dust chute around the Power Station's spindle collar, just as you would with your Mark 7 or Mark V.

For workpiece support during disc sanding or drum sanding with the main spindle, just slip the tubes of your Mark 7 / Mark V's extension table into the Power Station mounting tubes and use it as your worktable during operations!

To sand with smaller drums, buff or polish, attach your Shopsmith drill chuck to the Power Station's main or auxiliary spindle and use the chuck to hold your small sanding drums or buffing/polishing bonnets. You could even sand or apply finishes to faceplate-mounted lathe turnings, if you like.

Note: Operates all Shopsmith special purpose tools except Thickness Planer

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