Planer Knives

Maintain Peak Planer Performance with Replacement Planer Knives

Ensure Precision and Smoothness with Sharp, Nick-Free Knives

Having a spare set of planer knives could keep you working in the event of a nick or other knife problem

Set of three hardened steel knives, precision match-ground to Shopsmith's exacting requirements. Our rigid quality control standards ensure that every knife blade will be exactly the same size, with the same precision edge bevel to guarantee accurate cuts, even if used in conjunction with old blades!

The cutting edges of these high-quality planer blades are made of hardened M-2 steel, laminated to a low carbon steel backup for added durability. This approach provides the ideal combination of edge-holding ability and strength, without being brittle.

Once the blades are ground an honed to produce a keen cutting edge, they are treated with a special rust preventative solution for lasting serviceability.

We recommend that you have a spare set of knives on-hand at all times, in the event of accidental nicking. This way, down time will be kept to an absolute minimum, and you'll be able to continue working on your project with minimal interruption.

Includes: Set of 3 planer knives

505982 (3) Replacement Planer Knives ...    $109.99

513414 Planer Knife Setting Gauge ...    $8.49

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Setting Planer Knives

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