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FROM SHOPSMITH & NICK ENGLER Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith MARK V -- DVD/DVD-ROM – Volume 2

Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith MARK V -- CD/DVD

This 84-minute follow-up to our Volume 1 video shows you, step-by-step, how to inspect and adjust the MARK V’s Speed Changer mechanism…and how to repair and/or replace the Power Switch, Quill Feed Mechanism, Headstock Locks and Table Carriage Locks

In this PART 2 Maintenance video, Nick will show you how to inspect and repair or Replace five of the most important components of your Shopsmith MARK V.

Nick continues his presentation from Volume 1 of this important series with a look at five more situations that MARK V owners could encounter with their MARK Vs.

These step-by-step instructions include: :
How to inspect and adjust the Speed Changer Mechanism These instructions begin with a review of how this important mechanism works, then continues to cover removing it, lubricating it, replacing it (if necessary) and adjusting to deliver the requested speed.
How to inspect and replace the Power Switch This segment begins with a review of the two different types of Switches used on MARK Vs, and ends with a quick review of how to replace each type and ensure the proper wiring.
How to inspect and repair the Quill Feed Mechanism Here, you’ll learn how to remove this important component of your MARK V, how to replace single bearing Quills with the more precise two-bearing model (if you so desire) and how to tension he Quill Fed Spring properly.
How to inspect and repair and/or replace the Locks for the Headstock and Table Carriage Here, Nick shows you how to remove these locks, dress their wedges for smoother operation and replace the various components, if required.

INCLUDES 116-PAGE BONUS MANUAL: This video includes an information-packed, 116-page Service and Repair Manual that you can read and/or print as a PDF file from your computer. This is NOT merely the standard MARK V Owner’s Manual, but rather, the definitive document on diagnosing MARK V problems – and resolving them. A MUST-HAVE document that you’ll want to ad to your workshop library.

NOTE: For the complete Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith MARK V story, we recommend that you order both Parts 1 and 2 of this video…and have established a discounted price for ordering both segments (see below).

Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith

Price $29.99
Status: Quantity is low.

Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith

Price $29.99
Status: Item may be on BACK-ORDER, or is made upon ordering.
Please call 1-937-890-5197 if you have any questions.
Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith
MARK V DVD/DVD-ROM – Volumes 1 & 2

Price $49.98

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