Self-Study Course

Shopsmith Self-Study Course

Information-Packed 10 Lesson Course!

Information-Packed 10 Lesson Course

This self-study course has been designed to familiarize the Shopsmith Mark V owner with the basic knowledge and woodworking skills necessary to be able to fully appreciate and utilize the Shopsmith System.

Beginners and experienced woodworkers alike will quickly find their own starting points... then advance at a chosen pace toward the level they want to achieve... creating wonderful projects for family and friends along the way.

Nearly 200 pages of invaluable woodworking knowledge, organized into ten lessons/chapters. Follow this self-paced. step-by-step course of study to discover woodworking success on your Shopsmith, including:

The text book for this course "Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone" by R. J. DeCristoforo is sold separately.

505717 Shopsmith Self-Study Course ...    $79.99
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