6" Carbide-Tipped Stack Dado Set

Premium-Quality Carbide-tipped 6-inch Stack Dado Set When You Want Precise Dado or Groove Cuts in Tough Materials This Carbide-Tipped Dado Set Will Deliver

When You Want Precise Dado or Groove Cuts in Tough Materials This Carbide-Tipped CMT Dado Set Will Deliver!

CMT 6" Carbide-Tipped Stack Dado Set

Premium quality stacked dado set cuts precise splinter-free dadoes or grooves in particleboard, MDF, laminates and other tough materials. When you need dadoes or grooves in any of today's tough composite materials, nothing beats the durability of carbide... and this set, made by CMT fills the bill!

The wide carbide tips on the outer blades provide plenty of clearance to prevent binding and help you get the most power from your Shopsmith. Their teeth feature an alternate top bevel grind to shear the cut cleanly with a flat grind on every other tooth.

The anti-kickback design greatly reduces the chance of overfeeding. This is most important with a dado because of the amount of material being cut.

Blade Configuration

5 degree negative hook angle for cleaner cuts

No. of
6" 20 -5° .0125 5/8"


The included stainless steel shim set has (4) 0.004", (2) 0.008", (2) 0.012" and (2) 0.019" shims allowing you to set-up any cut between 1/4" and 29/32".

Includes: (2) 6" 20-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Dado Blades • (4) 1/8" Kerf Chippers • (1) 3/32" Kerf Chipper • (1) 1/16" Kerf Chipper • Shim Set • Plastic Carrying Case

CMT Precision 6-inch Dado Set

556222 CMT 6" Carbide-Tipped Stack Dado Set ...    $168.93

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