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Adjustable, See-Through Lathe Shield protects your eyes from flying chips and debris during turning


This 12-5/8-inch x 11-inch impact-resistant, See-Through Shield provides extra protection along with your Safety Goggles and Face Shields for protecting your eyes and face from flying chips and debris during turning.

Just attach the Mounting Support Bracket to the back side of your MARK V's Headstock with the included hardware, slide the Gooseneck's notched end over the Bracket and go to work. Once the Bracket is attached to your Headstock, the Shield can be mounted or removed quickly without tools.

The 24-inch long Gooseneck Arm adjusts instantly for the safest, most comfortable position -- then stays where it's put until you're ready to reposition it.

Also great for Drilling or Disc Sanding -- and for use with other Shopsmith Tools and Accessories such as our Scroll Saw, Strip Sander, Belt Sander, Bandsaw, Contour Sander and more. An indispensable, universal Safety Aid that belongs in every shop.

The complete Kit includes the See-Through Shield, 24-inch Gooseneck Arm with attached, slip-on Mounting End, Support Bracket, Mounting Hardware and full instructions. Order extra Support Brackets for your other machines.

Here are PDF instruction files for the See-Through Lathe Shield. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer in order to view/print these documents. To download Adobe Acrobate Reader, go here.

See-Through Lathe Shield Instructions PDF (185K)

See-Through Lathe Shield
Price $109.95
Status: Item is available.

Extra Support Bracket-- with hardware
Price $10.92
Status: Quantity is low.

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