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Shopsmith’s Lathe Faceplates provide secure, smoth-running support for turning large or small diameter bowls and similar objects


Each of these 5/16” thick cast faceplates attaches quickly to your MARK V’s spindle with a single setscrew.

The smaller of the two (3-3/4” diameter) is the ideal choice for turning small bowls, vases and other objects that are larger in diameter than what you would comfortably turn on our Screw Center (505601). It’s inner set of three 1/4” diameter mounting holes can be used to grip workpieces
down to 2-3/8” in diameter…while the outer set will grip workpieces down to 3-1/4” in diameter.

The larger (6” diameter) model is recommended for large diameter bowls, platters, trays, plant stand tops and similar projects…and is dynamically balanced for wobble-free performance. It’s inner set of three 1/4” diameter mounting holes can be used to grip workpieces down to 2-3/8” in diameter…the middle set down to 4” in diameter…and the outer set down to 5-1/2” in diameter.

3-3/4-inch diameter Faceplate
Price $26.24
Status: Item is available.

6-inch diameter Faceplate
Price $34.96
Status: Item may be on BACK-ORDER, or is made upon ordering.
Please call 1-937-890-5197 if you have any questions.

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