Mark V Model 500 to Model 520 Pro Fence / Table System Upgrade

Upgrade Your Mark V Model 500 With Larger Tables and the Pro Fence System

Larger Tables and Pro Fence System

Shopsmith's Pro Fence & Table System upgrade is the best way for you to equip your older Model 500 Mark V with the latest in 21st century features and capabilities. Armed with this state-of-the-art fence system, you'll be able to tackle all of your projects with improved convenience, precision and safety.

Your upgrade starts with an expanded table system that includes a larger worktable and extension table with two floating support tables and a pair of telescoping support legs. Put it all together and you'll have over eight feet of table width for crosscutting even the longest boards!

To this, it adds the heavy-duty, factory-aligned Shopsmith Pro Fence with four T-slots... two on the top and one on each face... for attaching jigs, fixtures and aids, such as our: rip fence mounted featherboard; T-track utility light kit; flip-up rip fence stop; or any shop-made jig or fixture you might build that mounteds to the fence sides or top using our sliding T-nuts).

The Pro Fence and Table System Upgrade Kit Includes:

17-1/2" x 22" Large Work Surface, Pro Fence See-Through Upper Guard With European-Style Riving Knife and Anti-Kickback Device New Table Carriage, Wider Stance, Quarter-turn Hand Wheel and Lock Extension Table, Two Floating Tables, Connecting Tubes, Telescoping Legs

Plus...You'll also get:

Note: Due to the increased size of the Pro Fence System work table and how various accessories connect to it, Some earlier Model 500 accessories may not fit the pro fence upgrade. These include (but are not limited to) all table inserts, front table extension, rip fence, mortising hold-downs and some saw arbors.

555985 Mark V Model 500 to Model 520 Upgrade ...    $1,321.68
(Item may be on back-order or is made upon ordering)

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