Mark V Model 500 Extension Table Upgrade

7-1/2" Wide Model 500 Extension Table is
Nearly Double the Width of Original Tables !

Extension Table Upgrade For Model 500 Mark V's Made Before 1990

Increased Width For Added Support and Additional Rip Adjustment

7-1/2" wide Model 500 extension table is nearly double the width of original tables. Increases table size from 4-1/4" wide to 7-1/2" wide, providing added support for many operations and up to 4-3/4" of on-table rip fence adjustment. Offset mounting extends ripping capacity even further.

Order as a complete table with down tubes - or save and order as a top-only version that can be mounted to your existing Model 500 down tubes.

Note: For Model 500 Mark V's made before 1990, not compatible with Shopsmith ER or M2 models.

555084 Model 500 Extension Table Upgrade ...    $142.88

555085 Model 500 Extension Table - Top Only ...    $79.56

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