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Andy in Shop

Woodworking Grandma Never Stops Learning with Her Shopsmith

Andy saw a demo on a Shopsmith and knew it would be a perfect fit in her shop because it allowed her to have a lot of tools in one. She took a turning class and started turning vases and bowls in

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It’s a Toss Up!

A partnership made in heaven. Hillbilly heaven that is. The Novice Woodworker, a University of Kentucky Student, had fun in learning from the experienced Woodworker and made a corn hole set that he could be proud of and share with his fellow men in blue. Learn how this student and mentor made woodworking fun.

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Adirondack Quartet

Makers Are Making a Move Into Woodworking

Do you want it enough to Make it? That is the Answer that most millennials are coming back to today. They Do! Today people are migrating to a sense of accomplishment by creating added value in their home lives, their

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How some wood turned into a lovely flower

A few truths are beginning to emerge on this Shopsmith news blog. First, you don’t have to be a master craftsman to produce a masterpiece. It mostly takes the combination of these four things: a spirit of exploration and experimentation

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Adhesives in Woodworking: Tips for Finger Jointing

From the weekend woodworker to the experienced industrial wood manufacturer…. whether you make furniture, cabinets, windows or doors, we know how important it is that your finished results are attractive and strong enough to be enjoyed for daily use. Adhesives

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Woodworking Sawdust

Why Beginning Woodworkers and Old Pros Alike Should Seek Dustless Woodworking

Make no mistake about it – WOODWORKING DUST IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH AND POTENTIALLY DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR SPOUSAL RELATIONSHIP As much as you probably enjoy woodworking, you simply cannot deny one of its biggest hassles. That hassle is woodshop

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Fixers and Helpers

Fixers & Helpers No Home Woodshop Should Be Without Make no mistake about it ALL WOODWORKERS MAKE MISTAKES AND NEED HELPERS It’s a fact of “life in the woodshop”. Virtually EVERY project includes at least one mistake – and more

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Table Saw

Must-Have Stationary Power Tools

3 Must-have stationary power tools that every beginner’s woodshop needs PLUS 2 more that would be nice-to-have Most beginning woodworkers have difficulty selecting the best start-up tools for a beginning woodworking shop. Maybe you’re one of those who knows little,

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Wooden Toys

Top 10 Best Selling Wood Crafts To Make

Top 10 Best Selling Wood Crafts to Make Woodworking is a labor of love that takes not just skill, but the intricacies and detailing which make it so appealing. Just the sheer amount of patience and dedication which goes into

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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Staining Wood

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Staining Wood There is nothing more authentic than wooden flooring or furniture gracing a space in your home. It’s classy and provides a very versatile presence. But with age, it can incur wear and

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