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10 Global Hotel Trends to Inspire Your Next Woodworking Project

Nothing beats a relaxing stay in a luxury hotel—but it’s possible to bring the flavor of world travel into your home by incorporating woodworking inspiration from far-flung destinations. We’ve explored design from the hottest hotels—some well-established and others opening in

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How Resawing On the Bandsaw Can Put Your Thick Woods On a Diet

How Resawing on the Bandsaw can put your thick woods on a diet and slim them down for building smaller projects Face it. You simply can’t build small projects like gift boxes, toys and similar items with standard 3/4″ or

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Effects of Moisture On Wood

Woodworking Beginner’s Guide To Understanding the Effects of Moisture on Wood

Wood is hygroscopic, meaning that whether it’s a standing tree or a piece of furniture, it will continue to absorb or give off moisture in a constant attempt to achieve a percentage point that is in equilibrium with its environment,

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Wood Shop Design Layout

Locating Tools and Workspaces For Optimal Efficiency Home garage and basement workshop space allocations and organization are two important issues for beginning woodworkers and “old pros” alike. A FEW GREAT TIPS TO HELP YOU CREATE THE IDEAL WOODSHOP PLAN THE

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Scroll Saw

Four Power Tools For Specialized Operations

4 Must-Have Power Tools For Beginning Woodworkers Who Are Hoping To Perform Specialized Woodworking Operations

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More Power To You — All About Shop Lighting and Power Requirements

More Power To You — All About Shop Lighting and Power Requirements Unless your woodworking shop plans call for it to function with lanterns and no power tools (which is highly unlikely), now is the time to start thinking about

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Woodworking For Beginners — Essential Hand Tools

No Beginners Workshop Should Be Without These Tools Most beginning woodworkers have a tough time selecting the best woodworking start-up tools. Somewhere in a kitchen drawer or a garage corner you’ll find a hammer, some screwdrivers, a pair of pliers,

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Garden Bench

5 More Great Outdoor Projects You Can Build In 1 Or 2 Weekends

Here’s a Great Way For You To Get Started In Woodworking Build This Attractive Curved Porch Swing In a Couple of Weekends Here’s a great Summer project that you and your family can enjoy every Spring and Summer for years

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10 of the Most Invaluable Tips That Every Beginning Woodworker Needs To Know

Woodworking Information You Simply Can’t Afford To Be Without 10 of the Most Invaluable Tips That Every Beginning Woodworker Needs To Know 1: Safety FirstHere are just five of the most important workshop precautions you should always take to be

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Choosing Your Home Workshop Location

Establishing Your Home Woodworking Shop — Choosing Your Home Workshop Location If you’re like most would-be woodworkers who have dreams of setting-up a home workshop, your thoughts probably started with where you might locate your dream shop. If you’ve been

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