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The Shopsmith PowerPro utilizes a unique, state-of-the-art DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) smart motor that is unlike any standard AC motor on the market today. It features Intelligent Adaptive Power Delivery that uses power factor correction technology to sense the power requirements and adjust the input voltage instantaneously to handle the task at hand. The PowerPro motor will maintain the speed you select, no matter how tough your workpiece might be or how fast you feed it through the blade or cutter. You can count on always having adequate muscle to eliminate any bogging without drawing more current than you really need.

Plenty of Power: The PowerPro motor delivers your choice of 1-3/4 hp at 120 volts or 2 hp at 240 volts)... and at least twice the torque of comparably-rated AC motors at every speed throughout its range. That means you can literally blaze through the thickest, toughest lumber with your table saw, jointer, thickness planer and more without slowing down or stalling. It's the kind of power once reserved for high-priced commercial machinery... and it can be yours, with your trusty, space-saving Shopsmith multipurpose tool !

120 volt or 240 volt just by switching plugs

To switch from 120 volt to 240 volt operation, just change the power cord plug and the circuitry inside the electronic control box of your PowerPro will automatically sense your wishes and make all of the necessary adjustments, accordingly. No electrician or additional wiring changes are required. It's practically automatic.

Super-Broad Speed Range: You'll be able to select speeds from 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm, at the press of a few keypads without mechanical belt or gear changes. On the low end, you'll be able to bore huge holes for clocks and similar projects with giant multi-spur bits or Forstner bits without burning your bits or workpieces... drill through non-ferrous metals without dulling your bits... and rough-in large diameter platters, bowls or spindles on your lathe without worrying about them coming loose and causing personal injury. On the high end, you'll enjoy speeds comparable to a commercial shaper for shaping or routing edges, surfaces, dadoes and grooves faster than ever before with super-smooth results and no feathering chattering or splintering.

Forward and Reverse Operation

Run in Forward or Reverse Direction: Enjoy the benefits of electronically controlled forward or reverse operation and you'll be able to perform bi-directional sanding, with-the-grain cuts and safe, under-the-workpiece shaping or routing operations.

Carefully Managed Power Requirements: No start-up power surges! The PowerPro dramatically reduces the risk of tripped fuses or circuit breakers caused by starting your Shopsmith and dust collector at the same time. Even save money on power consumption throughout your working cycle with the new, high-tech, high-efficiency DVR motor and its computerized controller.

Super-Smooth Quiet Operation: The special, compensating DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) technology that's used in the PowerPro motor ensures operational and speed-changing smoothness throughout its full speed range of 9,750 rpm (250 rpm to 10,000 rpm). It features CNC machined, wobble-free pulleys, coupled with huge motor bearings on both ends of the shaft. As a result, you'll quickly discover that your new PowerPro headstock runs so smoothly that you may often find yourself wondering if it's running at all !

Miserly Energy Efficiency: The Shopsmith PowerPro motor and its electronics will save you up to 80% of the energy and emissions over conventional motors by only drawing the power it needs to maintain your selected speed under load. You'll get more usable power from a standard 15 amp home circuit than ever before... and save energy, too. It even generates less heat under load than conventional AC motors... and that means added motor reliability !

Fool-Proof Digital Controls: With the Shopsmith PowerPro headstock, all guesswork is virtually eliminated. The quick-to-learn, intuitive design of its control panel is amazingly simple.

Intuitive Digital Controls

When starting your Shopsmith for the first time each day, you have the option of depressing the Control Panel ON pad, in which case the motor will ramp-up to 500 rpm... or depressing the 900, 1350, 2000, 3450 or 9500 keypad, in which case the motor will ramp-up to the selected speed. From any of these speeds, you always have the option of increasing or decreasing your speed by simply depressing the UP or DOWN keypad to speed-up or slow-down by as little as 5 rpm. During operation, the precise motor speed is always displayed on the control panel.

To reverse the direction of the Motor, simply depress the FWD/REV keypad - and an audible beep will tell you that you're switching to reverse mode. If there's a problem of any kind, a built-in troubleshooting program will display an error message to help you help you identify and resolve the problem.

Build-in Speed Selection Chart

Automatic Speed Selection: If you don't know the correct speed for the operation you're performing, just use your control panel to move through a fast, 4-step sequence of questions to identify 1): The operation you wish to perform 2): The type of blade, cutter or bit you're using 3): The material you're working 4): The diameter of the cutter you'll be using. Given this information, the PowerPro will select the proper speed for you. It's an amazingly simple process that takes a matter of seconds... and eliminates any guesswork about speed selection.

Built-In Safety Features: Safety has always been a primary concern as we've developed and introduced new Shopsmith tools & accessories --- and this time is no exception.

Here are three ways the all new PowerPro headstock is safer than ever:

  1. Lock-Out Code Included, is a feature that allows you to establish a multi-key digital code that must be entered before your PowerPro headstock can be turned on. Use this code at your option to keep children or other unauthorized users from starting your Mark 7.
  2. The Right Speed For Every Job Improper speeds can damage your accessories and potentially cause personal injury. The broadened speed range of the PowerPro also brings added safety to your work. Slower speeds allow you to drill and sand more safely... while higher speeds help to eliminate dangerous chatter when routing or shaping. Every time you start your Mark 7 with the main (mechanical) power switch, it will always start at 500 rpm, automatically eliminating the possibility of over-revving the machine during start-up.
  3. Confirmation Requests Any time you decide to select a machine speed above 1,500 rpm... or perform an operation in reverse mode, the machine will beep audibly for safety reasons and request that you depress the CONFIRM button before proceeding.

Easy to Maintain: The PowerPro uses a totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor with sealed bearings that require no lubrication. Plus... there are no mechanical speed changing components to adjust, lubricate or replace, either. The only remaining drive components are extremely durable Poly-V belts that last almost indefinitely. And, in the off-chance that something goes wrong with the electronic control board, simply unplug it and return it quickly and inexpensively to the factory for repair. More time to build your projects - less time to maintain your machinery!

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